Death Star Battle is a young readers book by Trey King with illustrations by Pilot Studio that adapts a portion of the film Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope in which Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance destroy the Death Star. A level 2 World of Reading story, the title was published by Disney–Lucasfilm Press on February 2, 2016.[2]

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Level 2 early reader retelling scenes from the classic Star Wars trilogy with all-new illustrations.

It's a race against time as the rebels fight to destroy the Empire's greatest weapon--the Death Star. This level 2 early reader retells classic scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope as the Luke Skywalker flies his X-Wing in a battle with Darth Vader. Featuring beautiful full-color illustrations, this World of Reading book is perfect for little Star Wars fans who are ready to read on their own.[2]


The tale was published on February 2, 2016.



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