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"This bickering is pointless!"
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin[src]

The Death Star conference room or meeting room[1] was located in the overbridge of the first Death Star. It was one of the many places onboard the Death Star where the military and political hierarchy of the Galactic Empire could meet. Prior to the destruction of the first Death Star, the commanders of the station met in the conference room. Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin announced the dissolution of the Imperial Senate and the participants discussed the threat posed by the Rebel Alliance.


There was a high level of security around the conference room. Four security points, demanding increasing security clearance, had to be passed in order to reach the room from general areas of the space station. The room itself was constantly guarded regardless of whether it was in use or not. Two Navy troopers remained in the room, flanking the entrance during meetings, which also acted as a quiet reminder to delegates of the Imperial authority in the battle station. One reason for the high level of security was that the Empire was fearful of surveillance infiltration by the Rebels. Another more obvious reason was the fact that high level Imperials would meet in the conference room which made it an obvious target for Rebel spies to plant a bomb or perform a suicide attack.

Room interior[]


The room had gray, metallic walls and a polished black circular table that gave it a menacing look that reflected the strength and ruthless ambition of the Empire. The table, in the center of the room, had twelve seats arranged around it. During the conference immediately following the capture of Princess Leia Organa, only nine of these seats were occupied. Although the table was round the seating arrangement had a distinct hierarchy. One of the chairs around the table had an extended back and was occupied by the most senior Imperial official present for the meeting. During the period before the Battle of Yavin, Grand Moff Tarkin held this position. The officers next in the chain of command would sit on either side of this chair, and the most junior of attendees would sit opposite. When Darth Vader attended meetings held in the conference room, he would rarely take a seat at the table, preferring to hover menacingly around the backs of the other delegates.

There were computer terminals installed at each position on the table that were linked to the Death Star central command computers. In the center of the table was a highly polished holoprojector that was operated through the computer terminals. It could be used to display three-dimensional models of potential targets, as well as providing holographic tactical readouts for evaluations by Tarkin and the various Imperial strategists within the Military.


Death Star conference 0 BBY.

  1. Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin
  2. Supreme Commander Darth Vader
  3. High General Cassio Tagge
  4. Admiral Conan Antonio Motti
  5. Chief Moradmin Bast
  6. Colonel Wullf Yularen
  7. Chief Siward Cass
  8. General Trech Molock
  9. General Hurst Romodi
  10. Tajis Durmin
  11. Nova Stihl


The conference room had been contacted by X1 by hologram reporting that the Tributary beam component for the Death Star's superlaser was ready and on its way. However, the staff had not been present due to a firefight with the Rebel Alliance member X2, who had infiltrated the battle station on a reconnaissance mission regarding the station's capabilities.

It was later used after the Death Star's completion several times: Once by the commanding officer of the station, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, to announce that Palpatine had dissolved the Imperial Senate, with all the high members of the Imperial Military attended, where they, in particular Admiral Conan Antonio Motti and High General Cassio Tagge debated whether to use it immediately or not, as well as the legality in doing so. The meeting also resulted in Darth Vader briefly strangling Motti with the Force after the latter insubordinately retorted Vader's warning that the abilities of the Death Star were minuscule compared to the Force. It was also used shortly after the Destruction of Alderaan, where Chief Siward Cass reported the findings of their sweep of Dantooine to Tarkin and Vader, with Tarkin being incensed that Leia had lied to them, and Vader acknowledging her loyalty to the Rebels being high enough that she would not actually divulge the location of the hidden Rebel Base.



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