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"I warned ya that you brought death to my door!"
―Mama Stammoch on Deathstick[src]

Deathstick was a female Dathomirian assassin and daughter of the Nightsister Shelish, active during the reign of the Galactic Empire. She originally started out as a street criminal, but once she became known for her skills as an assassin for the Crimson Dawn and Kouhun, few later sought an audience with her.

Deathstick was a contributer to the rise of Crimson Dawn years after the death of its leader, former Sith Lord Maul, under the instruction of new Lady Qi'ra. Deathstick and her Kouhun joined the Uprising and helped fight the Empire in the Anoat sector of the Galaxy.


Early life[]


The mysterious woman known as Deathstick was the daughter of Shelish, a Nightsister witch who had left her homeworld of Dathomir long before her people were slaughtered.[1] Growing up in the Anoat sector of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories, Deathstick began her criminal career as a hired assassin. Through a series of spectacularly public murders of gang leaders, she ended up moving into the drug trade. At some point, she had a run-in with the Galactic Empire that cost her a great deal of her face,[4] causing her to have an entire proshetic lower face.[2] This prompted her to wear a mask that only left her eyes visible.[4]

Imperial Era[]

By the time of the Galactic Civil War, Deathstick was the leader of the Kouhun, a highly secretive and structured order of assassins based on Mataou.[1] Under her leadership, the Kouhun murdered several high profile individuals in the sector, including the wife of Governor Ubrik Adelhard.[5]

Working for Crimson Dawn[]

"My name is Deathstick, and I bear a message. Crimson Dawn is inviting the leaders of all other syndicates to a…gathering."

Sometime between 3 ABY and 4 ABY,[6] Deathstick was hired by Lady Qi'ra of Crimson Dawn to hunt down the bounty hunters Beilert Valance and Dengar on Nar Shaddaa. While Valance conversed with arms dealer, Devono Vix on his knowledge about Crimson Dawn, Deathstick shot Vix's head off, killing him. She then shot Valance in the arm, wounding him and damaging his core.[3]

Deathstick and her droids law waste to Mama Stammoch's crew.

Valance and Dengar managed to escape in a ship. They then thought they saw Deathstick aboard the ship, but they played it off as being nothing. However, Deathstick quickly tracked them to the hideout of Mama Stammoch and her crew. Upon reaching the hideout, she overheard Stammoch warn Valance and Dengar that the assassin would kill them all. When Dengar suggested that she was overreacting, Deathstick blew up the entrance to the hideout and assured Dengar that she wasn't. Upon entering the hideout, Deathstick and her droids laid waste to most of Stammoch's crew, forcing her, Valance and Dengar to make an escape. Throwing a thermal detonator, they managed to blow a hole through the wall and flee from the hideout in a landspeeder. The three of them were chased by Deathstick's droids, but they jumped out of the speeder as it crashed, getting the droids off their trail. However, Deathstick had still not lost her targets and kept an eye on them as she contacted Qi'ra. When she insisted on killing them, Qi'ra told her that herding them in the right direction was an important part of her plan. She then assured the assassin that she would get to kill them soon enough.[7]

Deathstick then travelled to Coronet City on the planet Corellia where she entered the Unbroken Clan safe house. She helped herself to the spice wine while waiting for Unbroken Clan General Vukorah to enter the room she was in. When Vukorah and her Mimbanese underling entered the room, Vukorah shot the Mimbanese with suspicion that he either sold her out or was incompetent. Deathstick gave Vukorah an invitation from the Crimson Dawn to the Auction for Han Solo,[8] an auction for various crime syndicates to bid for the carbonated body of smuggler Han Solo.[9] She then travelled to the city of Canto Bight[8] on the planet Cantonica.[10] She attacked Dengar and Valance who were looking for someone to tell them the location of the Auction for Han Solo. Deathstick took an emergency contact device and left. However, Dengar swiped a device off of her with the location of the auction.[8]

Heading to the[11] ice planet[12] of Jekara where the Crimson Dawn starship, the Vermillion was landed, Deathstick saved Dengar from a zugorak that was about to attack him. In exchange for saving him, Dengar gave Deathstick a drive with the location of Cadeliah on it.[11]

Deathstick then boarded the Vermillion, where she hid and watched as Gallin Crae, Just Lucky, and Ariole Yu engaged in combat. While Lucky pointed a Sniper rifle at Crae, Deathstick threw projectiles containing Dathomirian poison at Lucky, one slicing off part of his blaster. Deathstick leaped from the ceiling, shooting Yu and Lucky with her blaster rifle.[13] She then had the two locked up in a cell, however they escaped with help from Doctor Aphra and Sana Starros. When the four entered the art gallery of the ship, they found Qi'ra and Margo talking. When Qi'ra left however, Deathstick leaped from the ceiling ready to attack.[14] Lucky, Yu, Starros, and Aphra hid behind display cases in the gallery, as Deathstick shot at them. Deathstick then leaped from the ceiling, throwing the projectiles in Aphra and Lucky's direction. Aphra ran as Deathstick leaped in her direction and threw more, pinning Aphra to the wall by her clothes. Deathstick then put her knife coated with Dathomiriran poison to Aphra's throat. However, Yu and Starros began shooting at Deathstick, causing her to run. Noticing a thought dowser in the gallery, Aphra used her electro-tattoos to activate it. The device caused Deathstick and several other Crimson Dawn guards to stab themselves, giving time for the four to escape. However, Aphra and Starros abandoned Lucky and Yu.[15] Deathstick and Crae, both wounded, stumbled into the hangar. Deathstick still questioned why she still couldn't kill them, when Qi'ra walked in and invited Lucky and Yu for a chat.[16] Surviving the poison, Qi'ra briefed Deathstick and other Crimson Dawn members on the upcoming "Reign."[17] Ready for her next mission by Lady Qi'ra, Deathstick meditated privately.[2]

Deathstick contacted a member of Crimson Dawn and continued their plot to capture Cadeliah. The transmission was intercepted by a group of bounty hunters. Deathstick was later notified about the interception of transmissions and told the Crimson Dawn member to assume the bounty hunters know everything.[18]

Iron Blockade[]

Deathstick and her Kouhun.

Several months into the Iron Blockade between 4 ABY and 5 ABY, Deathstick was introduced in the Shadow Market on Bespin, to the Smuggler, a young scoundrel from Burnin Konn who had forged an alliance with the Ivax Syndicate and the Noble Court-in-exile. Shortly thereafter, the Smuggler underwent and passed the initiation rites of the Kouhun. Although Deathstick did not think the scoundrel could embrace the Kouhun's philosophy, she nonetheless agreed to join the anti-Empire alliance, which came to be known as the Uprising. As their first major joint operation, the Nobles, the Syndicate and the Kouhun made plans to abduct Commander Bragh, leader of the deadly Imperial Purge Troopers. It was Deathstick who outlined the plan and provided some of her assassins.[1]

However, the planned ambush went awry as the Smuggler's sister Riley and the Ivax Syndicate sold out the Uprising and exposed their plan to the Imperials in hopes of having their death marks removed. In the ensuing fight on Anoat between the Uprising and the Imperials, many members of the Kouhun and other allies were captured, while Deathstick managed to escape and go hiding. Soon after the incident she contacted the Smuggler through a communicator. As the Smuggler began to explain the unfortunate turn of events, she told him that if she wanted him dead, he would already be painfully and possibly hilariously dead. Deathstick then asked him if it was the Ivax Syndicate who betrayed them, in which the Smuggler responded that it did not matter and told Deathstick to leave Riley alone. Getting a sufficient enough confirmation out of the Smuggler, Deathstick ended the call abruptly with a goodbye.[1]

Deathstick would later appear suddenly in a communicator call between the Smuggler and Loathe when they both were in the middle of rescuing the members of the Uprising from The Crypt. Taking part in the rescue operation herself, she assigned Loathe to delay the Imperial forces as the prisoners made their escape, stating that no Kouhun should live to be captured and that Loathe's sacrifice would redeem the rest. Deathstick would then admit she was too quick to dismiss the Smuggler earlier, expressing her gratitude for saving the members of the Kouhun from The Crypts. Once the Smuggler objected about sacrificing Loathe, she told him that he was not of Kouhun and it was not his business to involve in their internal matters.[1]

Deathstick then contacted Riley and told her that her Kouhun were causing chaos within The Crypts and transmitted the location Loathe had acquired of Her Majesty's prison cell to Riley and the Smuggler for their rescue mission.[1]

Soon after the Uprising were successful in the rescue mission and partially successful in their original objective in taking out Commander Bragh, Deathstick was present during the meeting in Paradise Atrium between the members of the Uprising, including the Rebel Alliance led by Tam Bastion, to discuss about the future of their allied resistance movement and the looming threat of Governor Ubrik Adelhard's Imperial remnant. While the accusations flew around and the tensions between the groups ran high, she would joke during the meeting about giving into her temptations and try killing all the others, especially Voras, whose Ivax Syndicate was accused of betrayal by many others of the various groups present. The Smuggler managed to reason with the groups and defuse the situation, and when he demanded acknowledgement from everyone for why their Uprising had been successful in the first place, Deathstick gave a hint that their mutual co-operation within the Uprising was a key to success, prompting Smuggler to successfully persuade others to the cause. Alongside all the other groups present, Deathstick would then accept the invitation from the Smuggler to keep continuing their Uprising with him acting as the leader, stating only mysteriously that she and her Kouhun had their reasons to be in with the alliance.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"You're not fighting for family or money. With the Kouhun, you act because you can."

Deathstick was interested in powerful and capable people who had the knack for survival, though she occasionally liked toying with and taunt such individuals in humorous fashion. Sometimes she offered such individuals an opportunity to challenge themselves to go through the initiation ritual of Kouhun, observing their capabilities and potential.[1]

Deathstick was impatient at times. When she was hired by Crimson Dawn, Deathstick asked Qi'ra why she couldn't just kill Beilert Valance and Dengar when she had a clear shot, questioning the plan.[7] Deathstick did not like when operations or plans took to long, and would take control in order to speed it up.[13] Deathstick was also very self-assured and amoral, and occasionally had a clipped manner of speech.[4]

Deathstick loved physical conflicts and believed in acting because it was possible, not for family or money.[1][4] She also loved collecting exotics.[4]

Skills and abilities[]

"You were attacked by Deathstick…and you came here?! You've just killed us all!"
"Don't you think you're overreacting?"
"I assure you that she is not overreacting."
―Mama Stammoch, Dengar and Deathstick[src]

Deathstick was talented in combat, knowing how to using exotic weaponry.[15] She was also adept in unarmed hand-to-hand combat, being able to take on multiple opponents at the same time,[8] and had extraordinary agility that made her able to evade blaster fire directed at her[7] and do daring leaps and vaults.[13][15] She favored the usage of shadows and guile when confronting her opponents,[1] and her skills also extended to the usage of various gadgets, like droids and explosives.[7]

Deathstick was also a skilled infiltrator and tracker, capable of breaking into safe-houses and following her targets throughout the galaxy.[8] She also had skills in leadership roles and in strategy, devising elaborate assassination plans and directing the members of the Kouhun during and outside their missions.[1]

Despite being a daughter of a Force-sensitive Dathomirian Nightsister, it was unclear whether or not Deathstick herself possessed any Force powers, although when the young Smuggler from Burnin Konn wished to pursue and learn dark side powers from Shelish, he found out that Deathstick had risen to her current mysterious power stature through her mother during the events of Iron Blockade.[1]


"I wouldn't move. Those knives are coated in an old Dathomirian poison. It only takes ten minutes to--"

Deathstick had an arsenal of weaponry like various bladed melee and throwing weapons coated in Dathomirian poison,[15] and a scoped blaster that shot debilitating harpoons capable of stunning[13] or killing the target.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Deathstick first appeared the 2015 mobile game, Star Wars: Uprising, developed by Kabam. She was voiced by actress Sara Cravens.[1] The comic Crimson Reign 1, indirectly portrays Deathstick as a human.[2] However, Uprising and various other comics portray Deathstick as a Dathomirian Zabrak.[1] This article assumes all other appearances over Crimson Reign 1.


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