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Debts to Pay was a roleplaying game adventure published by Fantasy Flight Games in a 30-page booklet included with the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Game Master's Kit, released on July 5, 2013.

Publisher's description[]

This booklet contains an adventure designed to be run in one to two sessions, plus an additional section advising GMs on running nemeses. The adventure takes place after the PCs agree to undertake a task on behalf of Bargos, a Hutt crime lord on the Outer Rim to whom they owe some Obligation. What should be a routine matter of collecting some money leads to a dark discovery and a fight for the PCs' lives against unexpected enemies.[2]

The adventure is a challenge and also sets up two possible recurring villains for the PCs: the droid revolutionaries, EV-8D3 and R2-B7. These droids are set to take their doctrine of violent rebellion against organic life forms across the galaxy, and if the GM wishes, they and their ideology could become a recurring threat.[2]

Plot summary[]

Sometime during the Galactic Civil War, a group of adventurers owed a debt of obligation to Bargos the Hutt, a gambling, middle-ranked Hutt Cartel crime lord, living on hard times in a palace somewhere on the Outer Rim. Having just won an oridium mining operation in a game of sabacc, Bargos calls upon the group of adventurers to travel to where the operation is based on a small planet called Gavos, just Coreward of Hutt Space, to assess how much the mines are worth. Once the adventurers travel there, they discover that the mines do not produce as much oridium as expected because, while the mines contain tons of oridium, the ore is hard to reach and difficult to extract. While there, the adventurers run into an evil that will potentially follow them for some time to come.[2]


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