A decon droid was a droid that was utilized to clean environments of toxic materials so that an area could become safe for living beings. Basic decon droids were squat and box shaped, with internal decontamination chambers. They were designed to scoop up contaminated material, such as irradiated soil, running it through a series of catalytic processors to clean and decontaminate it before ejecting the cleansed material. Decon droids were also used to decontaminate radiation-filled starships by releasing radiation-absorbing foam then gathering it up and rendering it inert. During the exploration and colonization era of the Galactic Republic, decon droids were routinely employed to process alien soil with hazardous chemicals and minerals. One model of decon droid was Industrial Automaton's Decon III, which the Galactic Empire deployed on Honoghr.[1] Decon droids were employed on Elrood where they regularly decontaminated incoming starships.[2]

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