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"Evazan's work is nothing short of a nightmare. His Decraniation process strips a subject of all free will, turning them into living droids carrying out the whims of their owners. It is a crime far worse than slavery, for at least slaves can be freed. The only freedom that awaits the Decraniated is the release of death."
Andressa Divo's writing on the Decraniated[6]

The Decraniated were an order of servants produced by a fugitive surgeon Cornelius Evazan, initially for Dryden Vos. Several Decraniated served aboard Vos's yacht First Light. Members of the Decraniated were also seen in Jedha City when the Partisans attacked an Imperial convoy, before the city was destroyed by the Death Star.


The Decraniated were originally created by Cornelius Evazan as a money making scheme for his superior at the time, Dryden Vos.[6] Made to be as subservient as droids, Evazan transformed his victims with cybernetic technology to strip them of their identities. He then sold them unwillingly as servants,[1] putting them on catalogs.[7] On Jedha, Evazan took advantage of the local insurgency strikes to abduct the casualties and convert them as part of the Decraniated.[1]


"Evazan built a host of mutilated cyberslaves. The first of the Decraniated."
Tam Posla[7]

Evazan working on one of the Decraniated

Prior to 10 BBY,[source?] Doctor Cornelius Evazan began creating the Decraniated under the employment of Dryden Vos, the second in command of Crimson Dawn. Evazan saw it as a money making scheme for his superior.[6] Some of these Decraniated came to serve on Vos' personal yacht, the First Light, as servants.[2] Chelli Aphra once saw them in a catalog.[7]

Some time after, Evazan was on Jedha, where he pieced together Caysin Bog, a victim of an insurgency strike,[1] as a prototype for the Decraniated.[7] Evazan transformed injured victims of the local insurgency with cybernetic technology to strip them of their identities before selling them into unwilling servitude.[1] Two members of the Decraniated were briefly seen in a cafe in Jedha City, standing by group of Imperial officers, at the moment the Partisans attacked an Imperial convoy, before the city was destroyed by a single-reactor superlaser blast from the newly-operational Death Star.[3]

Following the destruction of Jedha city, some Decraniated remained on Jedha, despite Evazan leaving, and served what remained of the Partisans during their campaign to thwart the Imperial mining operations there.[8]

Behind the scenes[]

A character with the cybernetic modifications of the Decraniated first appeared in concept art of the bar in Takodana Castle created by Glyn Dillon during pre-production of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens in November 2013, although the idea did not end up being used for that film.[9]



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