"You have given us hope, but we have survived on pragmatism, not hope. Your freighter may not make it down safely. We may have to live here for the rest of our lives. Anything I leave behind, I risk giving to Rolo and his scum. The huts, the fields, are prize enough. I will not leave the cannon."

Captain Dedelin was an officer in the Imperial Navy until he was imprisoned on Captivity.


Dedelin served in the Imperial Navy following the fall of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire. A fervent believer in the New Order, Dedelin believed that the Empire was the best cure to the corruption and chaos pervading the galaxy. His exploits made him famous through the Empire, rising to the rank of captain, and his name was known to billions. However, Dedelin's idealism was slowly worn away by the number of harsh orders his superiors passed down to him, and the fear that met him when people discovered he was a captain in the Imperial Navy. Dedelin began to question those Imperial policies that he did not agree with, becoming vocally critical and outspoken. For this, the Empire exiled Dedelin to Captivity, a prison moon in the Grehollo system, in order to remove his influence among his fellow fleet officers.[1]

Covered in thick cloud cover and racked by constant bad weather and magnetic storms, prisoners on Captivity were left to fend for themselves. Dedelin came to lead a band of thirty-three captives, including former senators and other political prisoners, in opposition to a group led by the criminal, Andews Rolo. Rolo sought to exterminate Dedelin's group, as he had done with every other group on the moon, but the superior skills and leadership of Dedelin's group allowed them to resist Rolo. Under Dedelin's leadership, the group built a camp protected by an electrified wire fence, and scavenged equipment from the drop pods that delivered the prisoners to the surface.[1]

Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, an Alliance to Restore the Republic team, posing as the Rajah of Virujansi and his Royal Court, intentionally got themselves exiled to Captivity in an effort to liberate the political prisoners and Alliance sympathizers. Hooking up with Dedelin, they informed him of their plan to have a freighter land on Borolol's Claw, a peak that was often in a low pressure center of the constant storms and therefore traversable by starship due to a funnel shaped "eye" that broke the cloud cover. Packing up the camp and carrying vital belongings, including a blaster cannon and power generator with them in case the plan failed, Dedelin, his group, and the Alliance team scaled Borolol's Claw. After fending off an attack by Imperial TIE/rc starfighters, all of them were rescued by the Millennium Falcon, piloted by Han Solo and Chewbacca.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Dedelin believed in the New Order, considering it to be the answer to the corruption and chaos he saw in the galaxy. He was esteemed by fellow officers for his skills, and he was a hero of the Empire, a household name. However, his views were slowly eroded as he encountered those who did not share his idealism; superior officers who ordered him to carry out harsh actions, admiration from people he knew turning to fear at the knowledge that he served the Empire. Finally taking a stand, he was exiled to the prison moon Captivity. Dedelin's natural leadership skills allowed him to take command of a group of political prisoners, leading them and resisting the advanced of a rival group. He was elated when the Alliance team arrived and announced their intention to liberate them, but he was also a pragmatic individual, insisting on taking valuable equipment and supplies with them on the trek to Borolol's Claw to keep them out of Rolo's clutches, and in case his group still needed them if the rescue failed.[1]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Dedelin was skilled in the use of a blaster and heavy weapons, and was trained in melee and unarmed combat. An able commander, he was knowledgeable about star systems, and was skilled in survival techniques. Technically minded, Dedelin could plot courses through hyperspace, and operate starship weapons and shield systems. He was also capable of repairing starships when needed.[1]


During his time on Captivity, Dedelin wore his captain's cap, and carried a crude vibro-ax.[1]


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