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"You're in my net. Are you a fish or are you a thief?"
―Dedra Meero[1]

Dedra Meero was a supervisor of the Imperial Security Bureau. Provided a death trooper escort and an Imperial shuttle, Meero was a human female who led Imperial forces on Ferrix.


By 5 BBY,[2] Dedra Meero was a supervisor of the Galactic Empire's Security Bureau who was in pursuit of the rebel Cassian Jeron Andor.[3] At one point in that year, she was escorted by a pair of death troopers as she descended from a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle[4] that had landed at an Imperial facility on a stormy night on an industrial world.[1]

At another point, Meero marched through the hallways of an Imperial facility with a lower-ranking officer in tow. She also surveyed a town on the world Ferrix alongside other Imperial officers[1]Corv, Captain Vanis Tigo, and Lieutenant Keysax[5]—in a rustic room. In the same room, she interrogated an individual caught in her schemes, questioning if they were her quarry or a saboteur. At yet another point, Meero led a pair of death troopers as she walked through a stormtrooper-occupied Ferrix town. The officer also walked through one of its alleyways, led by another individual and flanked by Imperial Army troopers.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Meero was a human female with fair skin and blonde hair that was tied up in a bun at the back of her head.[4] Her lips were pursed as she walked through the Imperial facility.[1] An ambitious and relentless agent of the Imperial Security Bureau, Supervisor Meero was a devoted advocate for the organization who was determined to make her way up its male-dominated hierarchy. A ruthless and fiercely intelligent individual, she possessed an acute acumen regarding the rebellion, predicting their actions.[3]


Meero donned the signature white uniform of the Security Bureau and had three blue squares on her rank insignia plaque, as well as a pair of code cylinders. She traveled on an Lambda-class T-4a shuttle. At times, Meero also fashioned a cream-white blazer and a black kepi in addition to her uniform.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"She will do anything for the cause and so much of the time, she's looking around feeling like a lot of her colleagues are very mediocre….For me, although she's on the side of the villains, she's also evangelical in her belief in the Empire, and, in common with all great villains, she has this absolute belief that what she's doing is right, no matter what she does—and she does some seriously reprehensible things."
―Denise Gough, regarding the character of Dedra Meero[3]

Portrayed by Denise Gough,[6] Dedra Meero was created as an antagonist for 2022 Andor television series.[1] Gough found her character to be a sincerely devout believer in the Empire despite being a villain, portraying Meero as someone who felt her fellow Imperials were "very mediocre."[3]


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