"Lieutenant Deegan is an excellent pilot."
"Agreed, General, but he's from Corellia, the same as me and Corran Horn. It strikes me that having Corellia overrepresented in Rogue Squadron is not politically wise."
―General Horton Salm and Wedge Antilles discussing Lieutenant Deegan's potential placement in Rogue Squadron[src]

Deegan was a male lieutenant in the New Republic from the planet Corellia. In 6 ABY, while Wedge Antilles was reforming Rogue Squadron, an elite fighter group, Deegan was chosen as a potential member. However, Antilles felt that having both himself and Corran Horn, both of whom were Corellians, on the squadron was not politically wise and could result in Corellia being overrepresented in the squadron. In place of Deegan, Gavin Darklighter, a farm boy from the planet Tatooine was selected to join.[1]

In 11 ABY,[2] Deegan served underneath General Antilles as part of the reconstruction efforts on Coruscant after the New Republic retook it from the Galactic Empire. When the construction droid Antilles' teams were supervising discovered a shielded vault within a building it was demolishing, Antilles decided to shut the droid down to inspect it, despite the fact the droid would take three days to restart. Deegan quickly provided Antilles with the code to shut it down, and joined him, along with Purple and Silver teams in exploring the building.[3]

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