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Deelguh was a Rodian Jedi active during the early reign of the Galactic Republic. He eventually betrayed and left the Jedi Order, becoming a dangerous assassin whom his former training partner, Jedi Knight Taradon, unsuccessfully attempted to bring to justice.

At some point, Deelguh led a force on a raid on the planet Ilum in order to acquire the local lightsaber crystals. Taradon engaged Deelguh in starfighter combat and, in a last-ditch effort to stop the Rodian, caused a collision between the two starships that killed both of them.


Deelguh was a Rodian member of the Jedi Order during the early period of the Galactic Republic's existence. At some point, Deelguh trained together with the young Human Jedi Padawan Taradon. Deelguh eventually betrayed the Order and became an assassin, and Taradon, who had became a full-fledged Jedi Knight, spent a long time attempting to bring the rogue Jedi to justice. Deelguh kept thwarting his former training partner's attempts, however.[1]

Deelguh led a raid on the planet Ilum, in the skies of which he perished.

At some point following the Jedi discovery of the planet Ilum[1] around 22,800 BBY,[2] Deelguh led a force on a raid there with the intent of acquiring the local crystals that could be used in Jedi lightsaber weapons. As a world that was significant to the Jedi Order, Ilum was protected by Jedi forces, and a battle broke out between the two factions in the planet's skies.[1]

During the conflict, starfighters piloted by Taradon and Deelguh engaged in close action against each other before entering Ilum's orbit. Deelguh fought off Taradon's attacks and was about to land his starship on the planet's surface when Taradon, deciding to sacrifice his life in order stop the Rodian's actions, rammed Deelguh's vessel in a fiery collision. As a result, Deelguh was killed, and Taradon himself, either unable to eject or unwilling to abandon his ship, perished as the burning craft flew down to the surface and crashed.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

A former member of the Jedi Order of Force-sensitives, Deelguh had considerable starship piloting skills, being in that aspect the near-equal of the exceptional pilot Taradon. The Rodian was also a fearsome fighter, with Taradon being certain that acquiring the Ilum crystals would lead to the former becoming even more dangerous.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Deelguh was introduced in the 2016 sourcebook Nexus of Power, published by Fantasy Flight Games for use with the Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying game system.[1]


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