"The doors can resist any kind of unauthorized entry - except in an emergency. You'll need disaster relief droids to get inside."
―Deena Behar[src]

Deena Behar was a Human female Corellian who worked as an assistant to Councilor Belos during the Galactic War.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"The Beharen Droid Factory specializes in disaster relief droids. They're here in Labor Valley, but they've been closed since the Empire arrived."
―Deena Behar[src]

During the Battle of Corellia in 3641 BBY Belos, who invited the Sith Empire to the world in the first place, had realized his mistake and began working with the Galactic Republic to undo his actions. He informed General Aves and Cole Cantarus that the Republic troops in the Labor Valley of Coronet City were being taken out by advanced droids developed by Danison Varik. Belos arranged for Deena Behar to meet with a Republic citizen and provide her with all information necessary to stop the droid production. Deena's lengthy plan involved activating the Beharen Droid Factory by activating the power generators located in the Hellfire to produce disaster relief droids able to break through the durasteel doors protecting Varik's laboratory. After giving all instructions, Deena departed, leaving the Republic citizen to do the work.[1]

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