Deena Riss was a Human female agent of the Republic Strategic Information Service during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire, when she worked to track down the notorious spymaster known as the Shroud. Upon learning that the Shroud was planning something big, Riss recruited a Republic agent and provided them with the Shroud's own EV2 discreet reconnaissance macrobinoculars to track down relays and Shroud agents throughout the galaxy. Gathering intel from the Shroud's bases on Coruscant, Quesh and Belsavis ultimately reveal that the Shroud had planted a hyperspace beacon in Galactic City, which would pilot a dreadnaught pass the orbital defenses and have it crash into Coruscant. The Republic agent subsequently pursued the Shroud to his base on Nar Shaddaa and killed him, before deactivating the beacon, sending the dreadnaught flying into Coruscant Prime. Additionally, the agent found encrypted data in the Shroud's databanks. Unfortunately, when the agent returned to Riss' office, a Shroud replicator droid had placed a collar on the back of Riss' neck which would go off if anyone approached her. The droid then changed into the image of the Shroud, who revealed that he had a decoy die in his place. But his decoy had stolen information he wasn't suppose to and demands that the player(s) wipe it from Riss' console in exchange for her life, warning that he'll be monitoring it.

Behind the scenesEdit

Deena Riss is a character from the Star Wars: The Old Republic: Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion pack, who appears during "The Shroud" chain quest.


At the end of the quest, "The Shroud Revealed", Deena Riss' fate is decided two ways. If the player(s) make the light side choice and return the data, the Shroud upholds his word and releases Deena. If the player(s) make the dark side choice and uploads the data to SIS servers, the Shroud kills Deena and becomes enraged.


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