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"It's a simple, low-threat freighter. A modified Mon Cal DeepWater class. Decent armor, decent shields, nothing special."
―Imperial Captain Calo Drusan[src]

The DeepWater-class light freighter was a Mon Calamari Shipyards transport design.


Like all Mon Calamari designs, each DeepWater freighter was slightly different. The DeepWater-class freighter measured 45 meters in length and could transport up to six passengers and 85 metric tons of cargo. It was armed with a dual laser cannon in its stock configuration.

As was typical of Mon Calamari design philosophy, the DeepWater-class had a sturdy hull, strong shields, and a backup shield generator. For space travel, it was also equipped with a hyperdrive generator. Being designed on a water world, it was also capable of operating as a submarine.


The DeepWater-class predated the standard Mon Calamari light freighters and was one of the first commercially-available Mon Calamari designs.

Kal Skirata purchased one for 80,000 credits in 21 BBY, which he named Aay'han. Skirata used this freighter to rescue a Mandalorian named Walon Vau, on the ice-planet Mygeeto. It was also used to search for rogue Kaminoan scientist, Ko Sai.

In 0 ABY, Senior Captain in the Imperial Navy Mitth'raw'nuruodo and his companion Jorj Car'das flew one of these freighters, named the Lost Reef, on their successful mission to stop alien warlord Nuso Esva in his scheme to conquer the Candoras sector.

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