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"The Deep Core is a maze full of anomalies that skew the senses! The task of finding one world within it is impossible!"

The Deep Core, also known as the Deep Galactic Core, was a small region in the galaxy, about seven thousand light-years across, that hid unusual worlds. The Deep Core was home to some thirty billion of the galaxy's oldest stars, and at its center was a supermassive black hole surrounded by antimatter and dense clusters where stars were only a hundredth of a light year apart. In some areas they were in such proximity, stars would collide and rip the cores from each other. Due to the gravitational pull of the vast number of stars and the prominence of dark matter concentrations, local space-time was severely warped, making hyperspace travel difficult at best. The Deep Core held great strategic value because of its position near the Core Worlds, particularly in the case of the clone of Emperor Palpatine and his stronghold of Byss.



An Imperial Star Destroyer traveling through the Deep Core

Old Republic[]

Despite the inaccessibility of the Deep Core, the Rakatan Infinite Empire still colonized Byss during the Pre-Republic era between 35,000 BBY to 25,200 BBY. With the collapse of the Infinite Empire, Byss was presumably abandoned and the Rakatan structures crumbled over the millennia. In 36,453 BBY, the brightest and best philosophers, priests, scientists and warriors convened on Tython to discuss their discoveries involving the enigmatic, mystical Ashla, and mysterious Bogan eventually forming the Je'daii Order who focused on maintaining a balance of the force in one's self.[9] In 25,793 BBY, the Rakata invaded Tython.[10] They were expelled the following year,[11] but this was the start of the Force Wars between followers of the Ashla and dissidents who used the Bogan.[12] The war ended with the followers of Ashla as the victors, who gradually evolved into the Jedi Order. The newly formed Jedi left Tython around 25,783 BBY. These Jedi later established a philosophy school on distant Ossus in the Outer Rim.[13]

Prior to 27,000 BBY, Koros Major was colonized by Human colonists from Coruscant, who discovered vast deposits of carbonite in the system's seven worlds. The Korosians discovered that carbonite could be used to preserve space travelers in a state of suspended animation for interstellar travel, leading to the development of sleeper ships that enabled Humans to expand throughout the galaxy. With the discovery of carbonite and andris spice, Koros Major prospered as a key base of the Mining Guild shortly prior to the formation of the Galactic Republic in 25,053 BBY. With the discovery of the Koros Trunk Line and the invention of the hyperdrive, Republic scouts discovered a few habitable worlds within the volatile region including Khomm and Vulpter.[5] Over the millennia, Koros Major prospered from trade with Coruscant and became the largest settlement in the Deep Core frontier, developing into a vibrant ecumenopolis. Prior to the Unification Wars, the Coruscant government owned the Korosian mines but sold them off to the emerging Tetan aristocracy.

Following the Hundred-Year Darkness, the Sith Lord Darth Andeddu built a tomb on Prakith. In 5010 BBY, Empress Teta of Koros Major waged a prolonged war to consolidate her world's control over the system's seven worlds, concluding her campaign in 5000 BBY with the annexation of Kirrek.[13] During the Great Hyperspace War, Koros and the red giant Primus Goluud in the Primus Goluud system were the sites of battles between Empress Teta's forces and Sith Lord Naga Sadow's Sith Empire. With the defeat of the Sith, Koros and its system were renamed Empress Teta and the Empress Teta system in honor of the Empress.[14] Over the centuries leading up to the Great Sith War, Koros prospered and became a strategic economic and military powerhouse within the Deep Core. In 3997 BBY, the aristocratic Aleema and Satal Keto established the dark-side-using Krath sect, which seized control of the Empress Teta system during the early stages of the Sith War and launched the devastating Krath Holy Crusade that engulfed much of the Republic. With the defeat of the Krath and their Mandalorian and Sith allies in 3996 BBY, Republic control was re-established over the Tetan system.[13]

In 3651 BBY, shortly after the end of the Great Galactic War with the restored Sith Empire, the Jedi Master Satele Shan discovered a new route to Tython.[15] The Jedi Order recolonized the planet and made it the new headquarters for the Order, since the Jedi Temple on Coruscant had been destroyed in the Sacking of Coruscant. A new generation of Jedi Knights was trained here, including the Hero of Tython and the third Barsen'thor. The Hero of Tython earned this title by defending Tython against an attack by the Sith Lord Darth Angral.[16]

Byss FactFile

Byss became one of several fortress worlds in the Deep Core.

At some point the Jedi once again abandoned Tython. The region was thought to be inaccessible, but certain individuals found other safe hyperlanes into the region, such as the Byss Run and the Deep Core Run, over the millennia. During the New Sith Wars, the Dark Lord Belia Darzu rediscovered Tython and build a secret fortress there. Darth Bane visited the fortress in 990 BBY during his search for the key to making holocrons. Bane's apprentice Darth Zannah was followed to Tython by a group of Jedi led by Valenthyne Farfalla, but the two Sith killed those Jedi.[17] In 980 BBY, Darth Bane traveled to Prakith to recover Darth Andeddu's holocron from the Malevolence cult.[18]

Clone Wars[]

During the Clone Wars, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine dispatched scouts and probe droids to explore the region.[5] As the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, he provided the Separatist leadership with access to secret hyperspace routes that allowed them to bypass the heavily defended Corellian sector and attack Coruscant in 19 BBY.[5]

Imperial Era[]

During the early Imperial Period, the Galactic Empire established fortress worlds, top-secret shipyards, bases and palaces on several Deep Core worlds. Classified Imperial records indicate that Imperial scouts discovered hundreds of habitable worlds within the region but were permanently eliminated to maintain this secret. Some of these new worlds, including Prakith and Byss, were selected for Imperial colonization efforts and settled by wealthy Imperial loyalists. Palpatine also nationalized the carbonite mines of Empress Teta and used the planet as a base for probe droids and scouting missions.[5]

The Empire declared the entire region a security zone, and all starships entering or exiting the region required authorization from the Bureau of Ships and Services (BoSS) and the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB). The former was responsible for policing the space-lanes while the latter was tasked with protecting Imperial Military secrets. Hyperspace jumps were also restricted with spacers required to report to Imperial authorities and receive frequent astrogation updates. As a preemptive measure against illegal spacers, an Imperial Hyperspace Security Net was established complete with gravity mines and jammers to inhibit communication. The 15th Deep Core Reserve Fleet, lead by Admiral Malfkla Yzu, was based in the Deep Core.[5]

The area remained an Imperial stronghold almost twenty years after the Battle of Endor. Several warlords, including Superior General Sander Delvardus and Lord High Admiral Blitzer Harrsk, came to dominate various Deep Core worlds. In 10 ABY, the reborn clone Palpatine used Byss as a staging ground to invade the New Republic during Operation Shadow Hand. Byss also became the site of the world-destroying Galaxy Gun superweapon, which destroyed several New Republic targets. Following the final death of Palpatine at Onderon in 11 ABY, Byss and the Galaxy Gun were destroyed during a hyperspace collision with the Emperor's flagship Eclipse II, dealing a heavy blow to Imperial forces in the region.[5]

The remaining warlords squabbled among themselves until they were slain by Admiral Natasi Daala during a conference at Tsoss Beacon. Delvardus' Eriadu Authority began construction of a modified Executor-class Star Dreadnought named Night Hammer, later renamed Knight Hammer by Daala. The Knight Hammer later served as a primary command vessel for the United Warlord Fleets. Moff Foga Brill established his own dictatorship on Prakith as a fortress world against the New Republic. However, the latter preferred to contain the Deep Core Imperial warlords, and Prakith was overthrown during a coup by moderate elements that made peace with the Republic. After the execution of the Imperial warlords, Admiral Gilad Pellaeon traveled to Deep 3, a secret shipyard run by deceased warlord Blizter Harrsk. Pellaeon found a cache of mines, robotic TIE fighters, weapons, and perhaps the most prized weapons, two Star Dreadnoughts, named Megador and Dominion.[5]

Later eras[]

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Imperial Remnant's leader Gilad Pellaeon supplied the Republic with information on secret Imperial hyperspace routes in the region. Using this information, Leia Organa Solo planned a trap for the aliens, drawing them into the difficult-to-navigate region.[5]

In 137 ABY, Prakith was visited by Darth Wyyrlok the Third who destroyed Darth Andeddu while on a mission to find a cure for his master Darth Krayt's illness.[19]



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