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"Primary [sic] an intelligence op, Deep Current has leveraged the Tynnan aptitude for bureaucracy in order to gather voluminous data concerning Imperial Rim deployments and shipyard cargo traffic."
―Description of Deep Current in a report to Mon Mothma[src]

Deep Fathom, formerly known as Deep Current, was a resistance group primarily focused on intelligence gathering. They were active during the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire, as well as during the rise of the First Order.

History[edit | edit source]

"Is this Deep Fathom?"
"Confirmed. One of the Resistance's best resources for intel out of the Unknown Regions."
―Gial Ackbar, and Caluan Ematt[src]

When known as Deep Current during the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire, they were led by Saltbite, operated on Shipwrights' Trace and Tynna, were able to leverage Tynnan skills for bureaucracy in order to gain enormous amounts of information in regards to deployments and shipyard cargo traffic of the Galactic Empire. The Alliance to Restore the Republic hoped that if they supplied data, the Rebel Alliance could offer protection, and Deep Current and Saltbite were featured in a report to Mon Mothma. The report would later be included in The Rebel Files.[1]

By the time the Galactic Empire fell and the New Republic and Resistance grew, Deep Current became Deep Fathom, and Saltbite was still in command of the group. Deep Fathom became one of the best resources for intelligence in the Unknown Regions for the Resistance. When The Rebel Files were uncovered and handed down to General Leia Organa, leader of the Resistance, Admiral Gial Ackbar and Major Caluan Ematt exchanged notes on Saltbite and Deep Fathom.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Deep Fathom was first mentioned in Star Wars: The Rebel Files, a boxed set and reference book first released in 2017 and authored by Daniel Wallace.[1]

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