The Deep Ocean was a sea on the planet Tython that was home to Mahara Kesh, the Temple of Healing for the Je'daii Order.[1] In 36,453 BBY, one of the Tho Yor pyramid ships brought Force-sensitive pilgrims to the Deep Ocean and settled into the waters, and over the years the pilgrims—who formed the Je'daii Order—built Mahara Kesh around the Tho Yor. Squid-like creatures, wide-mouthed eel-like fish, and several other species of smaller fish were among the creatures that inhabited the Deep Ocean.[2]

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The Deep Ocean was first mentioned in the preview issue 0 for the comic book series Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi,[1] and it later first appeared in the series' fifth issue Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm 5.[2]

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