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Deepdocks were shipyards used by various powers including the Galactic Empire[1] and the First Order.[2] Prior to the incident in the Obroa-skai system, Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and Darth Vader had a CC-7700 frigate transferred from a deepdock in the Corellia system to assist a military operation to recapture Tarkin's stolen ship Carrion Spike, which had been captured by Berch Teller's rebel cell. Other notable Imperial deepdocks included the Imperial Navy Deepdock Facility Two, the R/M Facility Four deepdock and the Ryloth deepdock.[1]

Following a skirmish with Black Squadron above Megalox Beta, a First Order technician repairing Agent Terex's ship Carrion Spike informed his corporal that the ship needed a new central computer, an operation that could only be done in a deepdock.[2]


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