"Name's Deera Ulyette, Senate Special Liaison to the Hutt Cartel. I work with Hutts who are friendly to the Republic. Yes, they do exist."
―Deera Ulyette[src]

Deera Ulyette was a Mirialan female citizen of the Galactic Republic who lived during the Cold War. She was sent by the Galactic Senate to Nar Shaddaa as a Special Liaison to the Hutt Cartel. Working with Hutts like Bareesh Fenn'ak Torill from her base in Deucalon Spaceport, she asked a fellow Republic citizen to crush a major Imperial operation in the Network Security District of Nar Shaddaa.

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If the player is male and allied with the Republic, Deera is a potential romance option. She is also the starting point for the Nar Shaddaa bonus series.



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