The Emperor: "You believe him to be innocent of Glovstoak's treason?"
Mara: "I'm certain of it. He is also an honest and honorable man. I don't wish to see the Empire deprived of his service."
The Emperor: "Very well."
The Emperor and Mara Jade[src]

Deerian was an officer of the Imperial Military who served under Moff Glovstoak in 0 ABY as a General. He had a granddaughter who was about eighteen or nineteen years old at this time.


When Mara Jade, in the guise of Countess Claria, infiltrated Glovstoak's palace to investigate suspicions of corruption, Deerian saw only an innocent young woman facing the unwanted attentions of the Moff's aide Mink Bollis, and—mindful of her resemblance to his own granddaughter—intervened to protect her.

When Mara returned to Palpatine with evidence of Glovstoak's guilt, she took it for granted that the entire sector administration would be arrested along with him, and she repaid Deerian's kindness by stressing that she was certain he was not involved in the Moff's corruption. He was reassigned to the military team charged with upgrading the defenses of Imperial Center shortly before Glovstoak was arrested, an action that reinforced Mara in her belief that the New Order was worth serving.



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