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During the Zaarin insurrection, loyalist Imperial forces defended the XQ6 Platform Research from Grand Admiral Zaarin's forces assaults.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

After Zaarin's unsuccessful kidnapping of Palpatine, he devoted his forces to strip the Empire of its technological prowess, firstly by destroying all the TIE Advanced manufacturing facilities in the Omar system, he then focused his attention on raiding his Research platform in the Parmel system. Realizing that this could cause a positive feedback loop from the Rebels, giving them a respite and potential comeback, which Zaarin in turn could take advantage of. Imperial Loyalist forces, with the help of Maarek Stele, captured Zaarin's Research Platform and prevented Zaarin from proliferating from his TIE Defender research and development. Imperial-class Star Destroyer Adarga was stationed to watch over the platform as it was being repaired and powered up. However Zaarin, refusing to give up, sent another assault force, consisting of multiple Assault Transports and 4 TIE Defenders to take the platform.

The battle[edit | edit source]

The Adarga only had a couple of squadrons of fighters for defense so called for reinforcements. Maarek Stele launched and attacked the Transports, intercepting their Proton rockets to the Adarga inflicting plenty of casualties against the Transports. However, despite his skill, the transports overwhelmed and Adarga and forced it to withdraw from the battle. The strike force turned its attention to the Research platform and launched rockets at the station. Soon reinforcements in the form of 4 Escort shuttles Red Knight. Depite the platform's shields being unable to counter the assault, Stele managed to destroy the remaining Assault transports, to prevent them from unloading their Stormtroopers onto the platform. Under order's from the Secret Order, Stele used his Tractor beam to disable the TIE Defenders and in response 4 Tugs, Tug 8f9, Tug 7f9, Tug 6f9 and Tug 5f9 were launched to board and pickup the TIE Defenders.

Not long afterwards two Corellian corvettes Uhu arrived and attempted to deploy probes Keyhole to monitor the area. They were both destroyed by Maarek Stele.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The attack, although successfully driven of, was devastating. The platform's defenses were down and there were no Loyalist capital ships to defend the platform any more. There was no other viable option, the platform was to be evacuated as soon as possible as they knew Zaarin wasn't going to give up.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The battle was first featured in the 1994 LucasArts video game Star Wars: TIE Fighter, in which players fly as Maarek Stele. The battle is depicted in the mission "Hold Platform", the second mission of the game's ninth tour of campaign, "T/D Technology".

The canonicity of the battle is unclear. This article assumes all "Primary", "Secondary" and "Bonus" goals.

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