The Third Battle of ZA-13 was a battle fought during the Zaarin insurrection at ZA-13.


The Deep Space Manufacturing Facility ZA-13 was originally designed to manufacture Hyperdrive engines for TIE Advanced starfighters, which had the potential to be fitted on TIE Defenders. After losing the original factories at Omar to Zaarin and retaking ZA-13, Emperor Palpatine ordered the manufacture of TIE Advanced as a top priority. To that end, a Convoy Designated Rope 17 was sent to retrofit and upgrade the facility. Only to find it under attack from Rebel raiders taking advantage of the situation.

The Battle

When Maarek Stele arrived in his TIE Defender Rope 17 managed to destroy two Y-wings, soon 3 B-wings arrived to attack the convoy followed by Z-95 Headhunters to attack the TIE Defenders. Stele engaged both fighters to find more Y-wings attacking the Plant. As the convoy reached ZA-13 more Y-wings and B-wings arrived but these were destroyed by Stele. Soon more Z-95s arrived with 4 CR90 corvettes, Cobra. Despite the corvettes armed with a missile launcher, Stele managed to destroy all 4 corvettes. Soon a final wave of Rebel starfighters which started with Y-wings to attack the convoy, followed by A-wings to attack the TIE Defenders and lastly X-wings arrived to attack the plant, all destroyed by Stele as the convoy delivered the cargo to ZA-13 and jumped to Hyperspace.


The Rebel attacked also included the use of Mag Pulse Warheads, that could disable and drain a ships lasers on any craft it hits. Imperial Command wanted more information and found a space station RS-32.

Meanwhile ZA-13, now under fully upgraded and retrofitted was given two Nebulon B frigates to guard the facility from any further assaults.

Behind the scenes

The battle was first featured in the 1994 LucasArts video game Star Wars: TIE Fighter, in which players fly as Maarek Stele. The battle is depicted in the mission "Supply TIE Avenger Plant", the fourth mission of the game's eighth tour of campaign, "Strategic Warfare". This article assumes completion of both "Primary" and "Bonus" goals.


Notes and references

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