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The Defense of the Anvil was a series of skirmishes following the Evacuation of Yavin. The Rebel Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Maximus was fatally damaged during an ambush from the Imperial Star Destroyer Nihil. The Maximus' personnel were forced to evacuate to the escort frigate Anvil and other support ships while defended by the A-wings of Blue Squadron. A team led by Keyan Farlander consisting of two X-wing starfighters was dispatched to protect the evacuating ships from Imperial fighters. Though the shuttles, transports and the Anvil successfully escaped into hyperspace, a number of A-wing pilots were killed, as well as Farlander's wingman.

Shortly after fleeing, the Anvil came under attack by a group of Assault Gunboats. Farlander and a wingman flew A-wings as Red One and Red Two, joining a group of Gold Squadron X-wings defended the frigate while it was resupplied by the Rebel corvette Lauhu. The Rebels then had to contend with fighters launched from the frigate Firelance. The Anvil eventually escaped but its damage was too great to repair. A three-X-wing group led by Farlander and a group of Y-wings defended the frigate during the crew's evacuation to the corvette Hart. The rescue ships successfully escaped, though Farlander's fellow X-wing pilots were killed. Farlander was then ordered to scuttle the crippled Anvil before he and the Y-wings returned home.

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This battle was depicted in Operations 3, 4 and 5 of the Imperial Pursuit expansion of the Star Wars: X-Wing computer game.



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