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"It is protected by an energy shield which is generated from the nearby forest moon of Endor. The shield must be deactivated if any attack is to be attempted."
Admiral Gial Ackbar, regarding the assault on the second Death Star[1]
Endor trooper shield

Rebel troopers activate a shield generator to protect themselves from AT-ST fire.

A deflector shield generator, or simply called a shield generator[1] a shield projector,[2] or a shield array,[3] was a device which was used to create a deflector shield, such as a ray shield.[1]

The Galactic Empire based a SLD-26 planetary shield generator on the forest moon of Endor.[4] The shield provided protection for the Empire's powerful DS-2 Death Star II Mobile Battle Station superweapon and, so long as it was active, made the weapon invulnerable to the attacks of the Rebel Alliance forces.[1]

During the time of the Clone Wars, the militaries of the Unknown Regions used electrostatic barriers similar in purpose to the deflector shield generators used in the majority of the galaxy, but much less powerful.[5] This led Thrawn to bring a deflector shield generator he termed a "Republic energy shield" from the Separatist droid factory on Mokivj back to his people after assisting Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker on his mission to Batuu.[6] Thrawn would later use the "Republic energy shield" in the Battle over Primea to help defeat the Nikardun general Yiv the Benevolent, thus ending the Nikardun conquests.[5]

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