"Lian has been given over to me so I may instill in him the proper passions of a warrior."
―Shedao Shai[src]

Deign Lian was a Yuuzhan Vong warrior and the ambitious subordinate of Commander Shedao Shai.


While Domain Lian was known to be ruthless in battle, Deign Lian showed none of his clan's ruthlessness. He constantly questioned Shai's orders, and was often humiliated and beaten by Shai for it. However, he was secretly taking orders from Warmaster Tsavong Lah, who had yet to arrive in the galaxy, and hoped to escalate to Shai's leadership position if he should fail. When Shai was killed by Corran Horn at the Battle of Ithor, Lian ordered the Yuuzhan Vong forces to unleash a biological weapon on Ithor, which rendered the planet uninhabitable. Lian, however, did not live long enough to enjoy his command. He was killed when the Legacy of Torment was destroyed.

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