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"I do believe that they think I am some sort of god."

A deity,[2] also called a god or goddess, was a being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshipped by a people. When the primitive Ewoks of Endor encountered the golden protocol droid C-3PO, they mistook him for a god and started worshipping him.[1] Because of their immense powers, the Force wielders of Mortis were considered to be god-like beings,[3] and Darth Sidious once referred to them as deities.[4]

The Holy Mother was a deity spoken of in the Heaven system.[5] Upon seeing Asajj Ventress in gala dress, the enamoured Quinlan Vos thought she looked like "a goddess of love and war and hope and ecstasy."[6] Count Dooku once referred to Florrum as a "godforsaken planet."[7] The Church of the Force and the Acolytes of the Beyond worshipped aspects of the Force in lieu of a god.[8][9]

Trandoshans idolized a goddess known as the Scorekeeper. For every kill a Trandoshan earned on a hunt, the Scorekeeper would reward them with a "Jagnnath point." This system was used as a game of sorts, where Trandoshians would capture unique species from around the galaxy and bring them to Island Four of the moon Wasskah, which rotated around the Trandoshan's homeworld, Trandosha, to see how well one another could appease the goddess when each of them were stretched to their limits.

The Teedo also worshipped a goddess of a sort, called R'iia. Who was supposed to be very aggressive, and would reign her anger down on the planet Jakku. They believed that she brought upon the Battle of Jakku, and crashed the Imperial Star Destroyers into the deserts. R'iia would supposedly breath harsh sandstorms onto the world, and storms were titled X'us'R'iia by the Teedo. And they had continued to say she brought upon a never-ending storm that was spreading devestation through the world, and that all this anger was because of the sins the Teedo had committed.

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