Deja was an adventurous but lazy Jawa from Tatooine who made his living as a mechanic, but was troubled by prophetic dreams. He was unkempt and foul-smelling, rarely washing his robes, and spoke in disjointed Basic with incorrect verb tense.

Deja napped frequently and sometimes experienced prophetic visions. His first such vision showed a sandcrawler being attacked by white skeletal warriors. He informed his shaman, but was ridiculed and punished. Two days later his tribe discovered the remains of a sandcrawler destroyed by stormtroopers. Terrified, Deja's tribe exiled him.

Deja attempted to make a living as a mechanic in Mos Eisley, fixing and jury-rigging droids and ships on the cheap. While napping one day in a space transport he had been assigned to repair, a malfunction occurred in the hyperdrive, and the ship took off unexpectedly. Deja repaired and improved the hyperdrive motivator, but was stranded on board. He befriended the crew for a time, but they eventually tired of his cursing, napping, poor repair work, and stench, and dropped him off at the spaceport on Nubia, where he continued to live and work as a freelance mechanic and pass on his visions to anyone who would listen.

Behind the scenesEdit

Deja's game stats reveal he had the Jedi ability of Farsight, indicating he was Force-sensitive.


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