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Del Rey is a science-fiction and fantasy imprint of Random House, beginning as an imprint of Ballantine Books in 1977. The imprint is responsible for most of Random House's science-fiction publications, including most of the Star Wars books (with the exception of novels published between 1991 and 1999, which are still reprinted as Bantam Spectra books).[source?]

In late June 2004, it renewed its contract with Lucas Licensing to extend its book licensing agreement through December 2008.[1] Eventually, however, the company renewed its contract once more, continuing to print Star Wars books.[source?]

In May 2022, Random House announced that all of its licenced publications, including Star Wars, were moving to a new imprint, Random House Worlds,[2] while Del Rey will refocus on publishing original speculative fiction.[3]

Del Rey has social media accounts under the label Star Wars Books that announces any news related to Star Wars books by Del Rey.[4][5]

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