The Delaya-class courier was a Galactic Republic military starship developed circa 4000 BBY. It was designed and built by Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. while the company was owned by Duros.


Sungem schem

Sungem schematics.

The Delaya-class courier was designed to match a starfighter for speed and maneuverability. Unlike Corellia StarDrive's Coruscant-class Heavy Courier, most of the ship was habitable. The complex automatic systems integrated into the craft allowed it to be operated by a single person.

This aerodynamic starship had an insectoid appearance and featured 21 HKD ion engines. These engines were set in blocks of three on servo-controlled mountings to negate the need for maneuvering thrusters. The courier was also lightly armed with only 2 rotating laser cannons and 1 proton torpedo launcher. For further agility, a computer system controlled multiple layers of extendable vanes and aerofoils . This ensured that the courier had a good aerodynamic shape during atmospheric travel.

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