Delderaan was a terrestrial astronomical object[3] located in the Delderaan system, a part of the Noonian sector[1] in the New Territories portion of[2] the Outer Rim Territories.[1] Long before the Galactic Civil War, Delderaan's northern regions were home to several tribes that had primitive art. The gas giant–type planet Yavin Prime, due to its multi-colored bands of atmospheric gas, resembled an intricate ball of yarns woven by artists of the Delderaan tribes and thrown into the night sky.[3]

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Delderaan was first mentioned in the 1989 sourcebook Galaxy Guide 2: Yavin and Bespin, which was published for use with West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[4] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Delderaan system, and therefore Delderaan itself, in grid square N-6.[2]

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