"If you ever do anything like that again…make sure you tell me first. Nice going, kid."
―Bren Derlin to Delevar after the latter used a smoke canister to defeat an Imperial scout walker[src]

Corporal Delevar was a Human male who served with the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. Trained as a medic and a scout, he served with General Crix Madine's SpecForces. In 3 ABY, he was part of the force assigned to the Alliance High Command's Echo Base on the ice planet Hoth. Surviving the Battle of Hoth, Delevar regrouped with the Alliance Fleet, and remained stationed with the armada for a year. In 4 ABY, the Alliance learned that the Galactic Empire was constructing a second Death Star in orbit of the forest moon of Endor, and decided to strike at the superweapon while it was still being built. However, the half-completed battlestation was protected by an energy shield generated from a facility on the surface of the moon. A strike team was organized to infiltrate the moon, and deactivate the shield generator. Delevar volunteered to be part of the team; although he was considered to be a rookie soldier by Major Bren Derlin, the unit commander, he was highly recommended by General Madine.

Delevar attended the briefing aboard the Alliance flagship Home One, during which Madine laid out the intended plan of attack, and he later traveled to Endor on board the stolen Imperial Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Tydirium. Following an encounter with an Imperial scout trooper patrol, Delevar and the strike team separated from the command crew led by the former smuggler, General Han Solo. Following orders to rendezvous with the general at 0300, the strike team avoided Imperial patrols until they encountered an All Terrain Scout Transport while making camp for the night. Delevar managed to subdue the walker with a clean shot into its open cockpit with a smoke canister fired from a Caspel launcher that forced the crew to abandon the vehicle. Delevar then participated in the ground engagement of the Battle of Endor, which saw the destruction of the shield generator that subsequently allowed Alliance starfighters to destroy the Death Star.


Service on Hoth[]

The Human male Delevar served the Alliance to Restore the Republic's SpecForces as a medic and scout, and held the rank of corporal. Assigned to Echo Base,[1] the Alliance High Command headquarters on the ice planet of Hoth[2] in 3 ABY,[3] Delevar participated in the Battle of Hoth.[1] Despite Imperial forces attaining a decisive victory over the Alliance,[2] Delevar survived the battle, and managed to escape the planet.[1] Following the battle, he was stationed with the main Alliance Fleet.[4]

Briefing and infiltration[]

"We have stolen a small Imperial shuttle. Disguised as a cargo ship, and using a secret Imperial code, a strike team will land on the moon and deactivate the shield generator."
―General Crix Madine briefs the assembled Rebels aboard Home One — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Delevar (third from left, front row) attends the briefing on the Endor mission aboard Home One

One year later,[5] Delevar volunteered to be part of a strike team being assembled by General Han Solo. Although considered to be a rookie soldier by the team's planet-level unit commander, Major Bren Derlin,[4] Delevar was highly recommended by General Crix Madine, commander of the Alliance's SpecForces.[6] The team was being put together for a mission to disable an Imperial facility on the surface of the forest moon of Endor. This facility projected a powerful energy shield that protected the second Death Star, which was undergoing construction in orbit of the moon. Having learned of its location through the efforts of the Bothan Spynet—and the fact that Emperor Palpatine would be aboard during the final construction phases—the Alliance decided to strike at the battlestation. However, for any attack to succeed, the shield would have to be deactivated before they arrived.[7]

Delevar attended a briefing aboard the Alliance flagship Home One along with the rest of the commandos, sitting in the front row of the semi-circular amphitheater, where General Madine outlined the basic operation the team would undertake. They would infiltrate the Endor system using a stolen Imperial Lambda-class T4 shuttle—the Tydirium—and a secret Imperial code that would clear them through the military picket lines.[7]

Armed with standard commando gear—including jungle fatigues and pack, standard comlink, low-feedback scanner, sensor scrambler, macrobinoculars, and a heavily muffled blaster—Delevar joined the rest of the unit on the Tydirium. Also carried by the team was an E-Web heavy repeating blaster, and a Caspel launcher.[4] The Tydirium, piloted by General Solo and his Wookiee copilot Chewbacca, left the Alliance Fleet in the Sullust system, and proceeded directly towards the Endor system. Arriving at their destination, the shuttle was queried by the Star Dreadnought Executor in orbit of the moon. The stolen Imperial code allowed them passage through the military lines—although they were unaware that Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, had sensed the presence of his son, Luke Skywalker, aboard the shuttle and had allowed them to pass on purpose.[7]

Battle of Endor[]

"Take the squad ahead. We'll meet at the shield generator at 0300."
―General Han Solo to Major Derlin — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Major Bren Derlin, Delevar's commanding officer

Landing in a forest clearing, General Solo began to lead the strike team toward their objective. Shortly after moving out, the team came upon an Imperial scout trooper patrol[7] consisting of Sergeant Elsek[8] and Corporal Avarik.[9] Although Solo and Chewbacca attempted to take out the patrol quietly, Avarik was alerted to Solo's presence when the Alliance general stepped on a twig. Backhanding Solo, Avarik yelled for his partner to go for help. Elsek mounted his speeder bike and attempted to flee, but was subsequently killed when Chewbacca destroyed his vehicle with several shots from his bowcaster. However, the commotion alerted another pair of scout troopers, and they shot off into the forest on their own speeder bikes. Skywalker, along with Princess Leia Organa—who had volunteered to be part of the mission's command crew—took Avarik's bike and gave chase.[7]

Delevar, along with the rest of the squad, waited at the location where they had encountered the initial patrol until Skywalker returned. When it became clear that Skywalker and Organa had gotten separated during the chase, and that the princess had not returned with the young Jedi, Solo decided to take the command crew and search for her. Mindful of the mission, however, he ordered Major Derlin to continue on, and to rendezvous at the target at 0300.[7] Derlin led the squad toward the shield generator, aware that more Imperial patrols lay between them and their objective. Several times the squad encountered a patrol and managed to hide; however, Delevar almost compromised their position by preparing to take a potshot at a speeder bike. Derlin managed to stop him in time, and upbraided the commando for his reckless action.[10]

At nightfall, Derlin ordered the squad to make camp in a shallow ravine, well protected by underbrush. Posting two sentries and setting up a blanket grid with the scanning equipment, the squad settled down to rest. Shortly after starting the first sleeping shift, the scanners picked up a large target moving toward them. Derlin suspected that the contact was an All Terrain Scout Transport; his suspicions were proved correct when its twin spotlights were spotted in the distance. Ordering the squad to take cover, he hoped that the AT-ST would pass them by. When it became clear that it would not, Derlin ordered Corporal Dansra Beezer,[10] the squad's communications expert and slicer, to jam its transmissions.[11] Lieutenant Greeve, the squad's sharpshooter, knocked out both of the spotlights with precise shots[10] from his A280 blaster rifle.[12] To keep the scout walker off balance, Derlin ordered the squad to circle it, although he was afraid that the walker pilot would simply start blasting away at the forest now that his vehicle was blind and deaf.[10]

True to Derlin's fears, the scout walker began firing randomly into the trees and foliage. Delevar, aware that the battle could alert other Imperial forces in the area to their presence, grabbed the squad's Caspel launcher and loaded a smoke canister into it. Moving into a trench in front of the walker, Delevar took careful aim at the face of the cockpit. Derlin—believing that the launcher contained an explosive round, and fearing that the resulting explosion would definitely tip the Imperials off to their location—shouted at Delevar to stop. Knowing exactly what he was doing, the commando ignored the order and fired the grenade straight through the cockpit window. The resulting explosion of smoke in the cockpit forced the walker pilots to abandon the vehicle, surrendering with tears streaming from their eyes. The squad captured the pilots, and forced them to make a comm check-in at blasterpoint. With this accomplished, Derlin approached Delevar; the major affected a growl, and told the commando if he ever did anything like that again, he was to tell him first. Then he slapped Delevar on the shoulder and congratulated him on a job well done.[10]

The back door of the shield generator bunker on Endor

Delevar and the squad continued on to the rendezvous point, forcing the walker pilot to make several more check-ins on the way to explain the scout walker's absence.[10] At 0300, the squad met up with Solo and the command crew, who had entered into an alliance with a native tribe of Ewoks, the moon's indigenous species. After an initial reconnaissance of the target, the Ewok scouts informed General Solo and the strike team that there was a secret entrance to the bunker on the other side of the ridge. Although the entrance was guarded by four scout troopers, one of the Ewoks, Paploo, stole one of the guards' speeder bikes. Three of the four troopers gave chase, leaving one behind to guard the door. General Solo and the strike team took the trooper prisoner, and subsequently infiltrated the bunker to plant their explosives.[7]

However, the entire mission had been designed by the Emperor himself as a trap for the Alliance. He had allowed the Alliance to gain intelligence on the Death Star and the location of the shield generator, and had arranged for an entire legion of troops to be on the moon.[7] Delevar[10] and the strike team were captured by Imperial forces laying in wait, both inside and outside the bunker. With the shield still active, the incoming Alliance Fleet could not assault the Death Star's reactor core as planned, forcing them into a protracted engagement with a large Imperial fleet led by the Star Dreadnought Executor.[7]

Delevar[10] and the strike team were rescued by the Ewok tribe the command crew had befriended. Retaking the offensive, the Rebels and the Ewoks engaged the Imperial forces in battle around the bunker. During the fight, Chewbacca managed to commandeer an AT-ST, and Solo used its communications system to fool the bunker personnel into opening the back door with a fake message claiming that the Rebel forces had been routed. Able to access the bunker once more, Solo and the strike team planted proton grenades in the structure. The resulting explosion destroyed the shield generator installation, which in turn allowed Alliance starfighters to destroy the Death Star by destroying its reactor core.[7]

Personality and traits[]

Although an experienced soldier, Delevar was considered to be a "rookie" by the other members of the strike team, including Major Derlin,[6] an opinion that was reinforced when he almost blew the team's cover on the Endor mission by taking a potshot at a speeder bike.[10] Despite this, he was known to pride himself on being an efficient soldier in General Madine's commando organization;[1] he was calm when facing an AT-ST, and had enough tactical sense to know that a smoke canister would disable the crew of the scout walker without causing a large commotion.[10]

Skills and abilities[]

Like all the commandos assigned to the strike team, Delevar had extensive training in the use of blasters and explosives.[13] He was also trained in the use of a Caspel launcher,[10] and was an experienced medic.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Delevar first appeared in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi as an unnamed commando during the briefing scene aboard Home One.[7] In Galaxy Guide 5: Return of the Jedi, published in 1990, a commando named Delevar appeared in the short text story Night Attack.[10] It was not until the 1999 release of the "Endor Limited" expansion for the Star Wars Customizable Card Game that the unnamed commando from the briefing was identified as being Delevar.[1]

Galaxy Guide 5: Return of the Jedi establishes that Delevar is a rookie at the time of the Battle of Endor.[10] However, his Star Wars Customizable Card Game entry from the Endor Limited set states that he is a veteran of the Battle of Hoth.[1] The Official Star Wars Fact File's entry on the strike team asserts that while Delevar was an experienced soldier, he was still considered to be a rookie by the rest of the team.[6]

According to Leland Chee's blog on starwars.com, he speculated that Decipher, Inc. used pictures of the same actor to represent Delevar and Sergeant Brooks Carlson on their respective CCG cards.[14] Carlson was portrayed by stuntman Alf Joint, who was uncredited in the role.[15]



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