"Deliah Blue. Reliable, true blue and one of the best Zeltron fixer techs around."
―Morrigan Corde[2]

Deliah Blue was a female Zeltron chief mechanic of the Mynock and a longtime companion of Cade Skywalker and Jariah Syn during their careers as bounty hunters in the wake Sith–Imperial War and the Second Imperial Civil War. Deliah nursed a certain fondness for Skywalker, and maintained a playful, flirtatious and sexual relationship with him, a relationship that later grew into mutual love.

In 137 ABY, Blue found herself unwittingly caught up in the civil war after a job on Vendaxa revealed that her captain to be not only a Jedi, but the heir to the famed Skywalker bloodline. As a result of her association with Skywalker, Blue, as well as Syn, were captured by Imperials and used as pawns in the Sith's effort to turn Skywalker to the dark side. After they were freed, Blue accompanied Skywalker on his various missions, maintaining a relationship with not only him but various other individuals along the way. Blue was later abducted by Darth Maladi on Wayland, where she was brutally tortured and grafted to a nearly indestructible Sith bioweapon, incurable by even Skywalker's unique healing power. However, Skywalker's former Jedi Master, Wolf Sazen, convinced his former student to utilize the light side of the Force in conjunction with his power, allowing him to save her after drawing on emotions from his professed love for her.

The Zeltron would continue to accompany Skywalker in his war against the One Sith. To kill Sith scientist Vul Isen, the group traveled to Utapau, where Blue saved the life of Galactic Alliance Admiral Gar Stazi from a would-be assassin. Following the resurrection of Darth Krayt, Sith forces launched an assault on the Jedi Hidden Temple on Taivas, where Blue evacuated Cade after narrowly surviving an explosion. Blue and Syn proceeded to fly the Mynock in the final battle of the war, where the ship was shot down. However, Blue was able to repair the ship in time to rescue the love of her life, who had intended to incinerate both himself and Krayt's body in Coruscant's sun.


Early life[]

"I hate this scam, Cade, and you know it! And they're all too hard bitten on this planet to make it work! And… my heart's just not in it. This is what I used to do—before you found me. Before I joined your crew. Thought I was done with all that…"
―Deliah Blue, on attempting to scam the charitable Imperial Mission[3] However, she would come to regret doing so, and Blue eventually relinquished those days to join the crew of the Mynock under captain Cade Skywalker, hoping to leave her past behind. Known for being a woman of choice words and being able to fix anything using a hydrospanner, she kept the ship intact through the most depreciated times. Along with co-pilot Jariah Syn, the three became bounty hunters and great friends, Blue taking a sexual interest in Skywalker.[4] However, Blue had not known of her captain's former life as a Jedi Padawan, and that he was the last heir of perhaps the most prominent bloodline of all time.[5]

Deliah Blue

Spending much of her early life on Zeltros,[1] Deliah Blue was once the living party-girl stereotype of her race. She was also known to have committed scams, stealing from the less fortunate and those who worked hard to help them.[3]

Bounty hunter[]

"I'm Cade, the other guy is Jariah Syn, and the lady by the door is Deliah Blue. We're here for only one sentient tonight. We'll collect him and go. The rest of you—stay put and there won't be any trouble."
―Cade Skywalker introduces his crew[6]

In 137 ABY, the Mynock's crew was contracted by Rav, a former master of Skywalker and Syn to locate gambler Naxy Screeger. After locating him in the planet Lok, Blue used her Zeltron wiles to coerce her way through the door of Brogar's cantina, known in the underworld as a safe house. Inside they found Screeger, who they captured easily. However, the group also came across a Jedi named Hosk Trey'lis, only noticing him because the Jedi healer mistakenly thought they had come for him and attempted to flee. Savoring the opportunity to capture the Jedi and make more money, Jariah Syn attempted to kill the Jedi to make capture easier but was stopped by Skywalker. A dart from Deliah's wrist-launcher hit the Bothan Jedi, who proceeded to send Blue flying with the Force. Nevertheless, the dart slowed Trey'lis, setting him up for a thud-bug thrown by Syn. With the Jedi unconscious, the group left Lok with both Screeger and Trey'lis in tow.[6]

Deliah flirting with Cade Skywalker

On their arrival on Socorro, their Jedi captive put up a struggle, but Skywalker was able to subdue him long enough for them to turn their two captives over to Rav. When Rav paid the crew with just enough to refuel the Mynock and buy a few drinks and gave Skywalker death sticks as a bonus that was added to the crew's tab, Syn was furious. Skywalker stated that it was his ship, and Syn could leave if he didn't like it before storming off. After a long argument with Rav about not treating them better, Syn admitted to Blue that he felt Skywalker had lost his edge as a bounty hunter. Blue, however, told Syn that it wasn't his fault, and she felt that something was broken in him.[7]

When the pair returned to the ship, they could not enter as the boarding ramp was not down. Jariah hollered at Cade to let them in, as they lived there too. However, Deliah added that Cade did technically own the ship, much to Jariah's irritation. After ingesting some deathsticks to end a confrontation with the Force ghost of Luke Skywalker, Cade finally lowered the ramp. Deliah immediately began flirting with Cade as she boarded, but was cut short when two Imperial Missionaries appeared demanding safe passage. Cade was hesitant, especially when told that payment would come later, but then noticed the Sith Lord following them and quickly took them on board.[7]

When Cade ordered emergency take-off procedures, Blue complained about the strain to the Mynock's engines, but nevertheless complied with her Captain's orders, allowing the ship to escape the planet and the Sith. She was not any happier about Cade allowing the two Missionaries to use her cabin and her clothes, but nevertheless took the opportunity as a chance to bunk with Cade. Meeting with Syn, Cad,e and Blue learned of their passengers' identities: Imperial Princess Marasiah Fel and her servant Astraal Vao. Figuring she would lead them to deposed Emperor Roan Fel, the Mynock crew then headed towards the drop off point, Vendaxa, intent on collecting both the promised reward and the bounty on their heads.[7]

Skirmish on Vendaxa[]

"Sith assassin, fireball in space… How can I decide? Hand me that spanner, would'ya?"
―Deliah Blue to Cade Skywalker[5]

On Vendaxa, Syn and the rest of the Mynock crew protected their two guests from the native beasts while en route to a meeting point established by Astraal and her brother long ago when they were children. When Astraal's brother Shado Vao showed up at the rendezvous point and helped the group kill an acklay, Syn and Blue discovered the contacts to be Jedi. Princess Marasiah then informed the Mynock's crew that the craft the Jedi had arrived in would be the way off Vendaxa for her and her companion. Having strongly suspected the Mynock's crew intent to turn her in for a bounty, Princess Marasiah informed the Mynock crew that neither she, Astraal onr the Jedi had the credits to pay them for their transport. Syn and Blue appealed to Skywalker to do something, but Skywalker simply shrugged it off and told his crew to cut their losses and prepare the ship for flight, intent on keeping his identity secret from Wolf Sazen, his former Jedi Master, who accompanied Shado. The Princess, Astraal, and the two Jedi turned to board the Jedi craft just before seeing it explode. Upon seeing the explosion, Blue snidely told the Princess that perhaps she might be riding on the Mynock after all.[8]

Blue warns Syn not to leave Cade.

Darth Talon, who had tracked her quarry to Vendaxa through the use of a Force technique, took this opportunity to spring her attack, and used the Force to drive the native beasts to attack the group at her command. Grabbing her blaster, Blue joined the battle, shooting at the wildlife and Talon. However, Talon would ultimately defeat Shado, Sazen, and Marasiah before ripping the blasters from Blue's, Syn's, and Skywalker's hands. With everyone defenseless, Skywalker used the Force to hurl part of an old shipwreck at her, revealing himself as a Jedi, but also sending her flying into the forest and giving everyone enough time to get to the Mynock.[8]

However, by the time they got there, Talon had already sabotaged the Mynock, delaying the group long enough for her to call Darth Nihl for reinforcements. Blue, with help from Syn and Astraal Vao, began repairs immediately, while Cade spoke to his Master after seven years apart about returning to his destiny. Cade, however, had distanced himself too much from the Jedi, refused to return, and stormed off. He then went to talk to Blue, and asked her what she would do with the bounty she received from turning him in as a Jedi. To his surprise, Deliah took in the revelation with good humor, musing that his Force abilities would be an asset in their line of work. However, Syn thought otherwise, resulting in a confrontation between the two. After disarming him, Cade took a walk with Marasiah Fel, before Imperial Knights Antares Draco and Ganner Krieg emerged from an Imperial fighter. The Sith trap sprung and a battle began. Blue, Syn, and Astraal quickly started up the Mynock while the Jedi, Imperial Knights, and Cade fought the Sith. Syn wanted to leave immediately, stating it wasn't their fight, but Blue told him she would space him in his sleep if he took off without Cade.[5]

Although the Princess was wounded in the battle, she and her cohorts ultimately escaped Vendaxa, due in part to Blue's smooth flying, allowing the remaining fighters defending the ship to Force Jump on board. While making hyperspace preparations, Imperial Knight Draco ordered them to quickly head for Bastion, revealing that the true Empire had control there. Blue was reluctant, due to the sabotaged engines, but eventually relented. Upon landing, Deliah and Cade spent the night together, though when Blue awoke, she found Cade had departed in the Mynock with Shado Vao and Wolf Sazen for Ossus.[9]

Captured by the Sith[]

"Cade! No! Better we all die than you go with them!"
―Deliah to Cade, after he exchanges her and Jariah for himself[2]

Cade Skywalker using the Dark transfer to heal Jariah and Deliah infected with Vongspawn virus

Although Blue and Syn were rewarded in their roles for returning the Princess safely to Bastion, the Empire refused to give them transport offworld. Returning to Secorro by a Wookiee ship and half of Blue's payment, the pair headed to the Crimson Axe, Rav's flagship for a job he had contacted them about. However, they were later double-crossed by Rav, who turned in both her and Syn to Grand Moff Nyna Calixte for harboring Cade. Blue would end up tortured by an IT-O Interrogator for his whereabouts as she and Syn were shipped to Coruscant.[10]

There they were turned over to Darth Krayt himself, who had Darth Maladi imprison them in the Sith Temple. Cade eventually returned to the Temple he once called home to rescue Hosk Trey'lis, the Bothan Jedi they had captured earlier that year, unaware his friends were being held captive as well.[11] When Cade himself was captured, Krayt attempted to sway him to the dark side of the Force, first by injecting him with Ixetal cilona. However, as Ixetal cilona was a prime ingredient in deathsticks, Cade's body already posed a resilience to it. This, combined with his strong healing ability, cleansed his body of the substance. Impressed, Krayt then revealed Blue and Syn to him. Maladi proceeded to torture the two with Force lightning in front of Skywalker. This caused the Yuuzhan Vong coral seeds implanted in their bodies to mutate, causing spines to shoot painfully from their bodies and eventually lose their sentience. Blue fell unconscious from the pain. Cade was the sole person to possess a special healing power that could save a person from death, but also brought them dangerously close to the dark side. With no cure for the seeds, Cade gave into his feelings and healed them, after which Cade promised his service in exchange for their freedom. Both parties carried out their word.[12]

Rescuing Cade Skywalker[]

"Cade could have let us die, but he surrendered to the Sith to save us!"
―Deliah Blue to Jariah Syn[2]

Deliah, Jariah, Chak, and Kee all aim at Corde.

After the two were freed, they made their way to Rik's Cantina, where Queen Jool was holding R2-D2 for them. She gave them the Mynock's codes, as Cade had asked her, and Artoo, who played a holorecording from Cade, telling them to take the ship and leave him behind. Blue said she wasn't leaving Coruscant until Cade was safe, threatening to shoot Jariah for blaming Cade. A voice in Shyriiwook replied that they could shoot him instead, as Chak and Kee approached them. The Wookiee had earlier lent his ship, the Grinning Liar to them earlier, and now wanted it back. Syn said they lost it to Rav, and offered the Mynock. Blue immediately stated that the Mynock was not theirs to give away, but was interrupted as Chak claimed he didn't want the Mynock. He told Blue to help him get his ship back, but she refused to leave Coruscant without Cade. Morrigan Corde immediately spoke up, offering her services. This startled everyone at the table, causing them to draw their blasters, but Jool verified her identity. Corde provided a dossier on each of them, revealing a skill set essential for the mission. Syn initially refused to participate, still distrustful at Cade for being a Jedi, but was throttled by Blue, who exclaimed that he had sacrificed himself for them, not just then, but on numerous other occasions. Syn finally relented when Corde revealed herself to be Cade's mother.[2]

The group formulated a plan, and Morrigan planting modified spy bugs in the Temple of the Sith that Jariah had attached cameras too. The insects, like all Vong creatures, were neutral to the Force and were thus undetectable. They would search the Temple through the air ducts and find Cade, after which they could initiate his retrieval. After three weeks of waiting, Deliah became very impatient. Corde calmed her down, however, encouraging her that they would find him. When they found him, however, they observed Cade in an intimate relationship with Darth Talon. Despite being a Zeltron, Blue became very jealous, even going so far as to smash one of the monitors on the Mynock that was showing the two kissing. Unknown to her, it was all an act.[13]

Deliah, Jariah, and Kee find Cade.

Shortly after, the group saw from a bug Cade in his original clothes run into Maladi's lab, signaling he had not become a Sith, as some had feared. They initiated the plan, and the Mynock took off for the Temple of the Sith. In Maladi's lab, he met Talon. He feigned another moment with her, moving his hands to her cheeks and attempting to electrocute her. Talon, however, was not fooled and knocked him out. He awoke in Krayt's throne room, where he resisted the dark side in refusing to strike down Hosk Trey'lis. Krayt did so himself, and Cade, in revenge, shattered the casing around his father's lightsaber and drew it. In a fierce duel, Cade impaled his supposed lover and dismembered Nihl.[14] As he dueled Krayt, Corde jetpacked from the Mynock and shattered the throne room's window by shooting Krayt. Skywalker proceeded to leap out the building, catching Syn's hand as his ship flew by. As the two sprinted into the cockpit to celebrate, Cade looked for Blue. Syn told him she was covering them on the guns, but she was mad at him and it probably wasn't a good idea to stop by. Cade was perplexed, not realizing the group had witnessed his encounter with Talon, but before he could inquire more, the thought dissipated when he found Chak flying his ship.[15]

Vacation at Rawk's Nest[]

"What are you pulling, Bantha?! We just got Cade back and he ain't going anywhere without Syn and me!"
―Blue, in response to Rawk's suggestion to Cade of leaving everything behind[16]

Blue saves Cade some dessert.

Deliah traveled with the others to Socorro to retrieve Chak's ship from Rav, but remained on the ship as the rest of the crew went to confront him. After retrieving the Grinning Liar, Kee asked Cade to say goodbye to Blue for her. Cade told her to tell Jariah instead, as Blue acting weirdly toward him. Kee, not wanting to reveal the secret, called him a nerf herder and encouraged him to talk to her about it. For their next destination, Cade and Jariah decided to visit Cade's uncle, "Bantha" Rawk and his family, intending to lay low for a while. As Syn input the coordinates for Iego, Cade went to check on Blue. He found her with Artoo, busy with repairs. She vented her frustration at Cade, until he convinced her it was all an act to get them to trust him. She then gave him a kiss on the cheek while Cade sent the astromech off, leaving them together in private.[17]

As the ship descended upon Rawk's Nest, the crew discovered it to be under attack from the Black Sun. However, Bantha Rawk, his wife Droo Rawk, and their adoptive children Ahnah, Skeeto and Micah were comfortably handling the situation, and easily cleaned up with help from the Mynock.[17] Deliah and the crew relaxed at Rawk's Nest for four days, enjoying food, time at the pool, and playing with the kids. However, their vacation was cut short when a profile of Cade was broadcast over the HoloNet, implicating him in an attack on the Temple of the Sith and making him a wanted man. Also witnessing that Genocide on Dac, Cade revealed his and his uncle's former identities as Jedi. He apologized to Rawk and Droo for putting them all in danger, and vowed to leave with Syn and Blue in the morning. In the middle of the night, Cade woke Blue as he was getting out of bed. He promised Blue he was just heading to the ship to grab something and would be right back, telling her to return to sleep. After taking some deathsticks, Cade was ambushed by an unknown assailant on his way back. However, after the attacker was defeated by Rawk, she revealed herself as Azlyn Rae, Cade's childhood friend.[16]

Blue restrains Cade after Azlyn is struck by an Imperial officer.

Rawk took the two inside where Azlyn introduced herself to Blue, Syn, and Droo, she explained how she survived the Third Jedi Purge and her motives for capturing Cade. However, the conversation between Azlyn and Cade began to get a little personal, Blue attempted to end it, telling her that Cade needed his rest. He would not get it, however, as Imperial Star Destroyers, tipped off by surviving Black Sun from days prior, entered the system, too close for the Mynock to flee the planet. When stormtroopers arrived searching for Cade, an officer hit Azlyn across the face. Cade, hiding in the Mynock with Blue and Jariah, sensed it, and screamed to help her. Blue held him back, intent on keeping their cover hidden. Azlyn ultimately used a mind trick on the officer, getting the Imperials to leave on a peaceful note. After they were completely gone, Rawk said that none of them were safe, and if Cade wanted his freedom, he would have to give everything up, including his friends. Nevertheless, Blue and Syn insisted that Cade was not going anywhere without them. Cade then revealed his intention to kill Krayt, as it would doing so would cause the implosion of the Sith Order. He lamented a lack of trustworthy allies, especially as the Jedi were scattered. Rawk then informed Cade and the group that he was wrong, and there existed a Hidden Jedi Temple[16]

The Hidden Temple[]

"And Cade—well, that stay with the Sith done 'im no good. Boy's always had issues. Lucky thing he's got Deliah Blue. Good woman makes all the difference, eh, Droo? Never seen a Zeltron jealous before, though, but Blue's jealous of Azlyn Rae. Maybe she's not wrong."
―Rawk, on Cade and Blue[18]

En route to the Temple, Rawk recorded a message for his wife. In it he spoke about Cade, and noted he was lucky to have Blue. He felt it was her that kept him together, and he had never seen a jealous Zeltron before. He said that perhaps Blue was right, however, since Cade and Azlyn had feelings for each other as Padawans.[18]

Deliah Blue takes Tobias Sun for a ride.

Upon arrival at the Temple, a second ship arrived carrying Imperial Knights Draco, Krieg, and Princess Fel. They immediately engaged in a duel with Skywalker and Shado Vao, but were stopped by Wolf Sazen. When he inquired as to how they found a secret location, Cade realized that someone had planted a homing beacon on the Mynock. Since he knew it wasn't him, Blue, Rawk, or Syn, Cade revealed it to be Rae, an Imperial Knight herself.[18]

Later than evening, Cade, Rawk, Sazen, Vao, and the Imperial Knights met with the Jedi High Council to discuss Krayt's assassination. Syn and Deliah were not permitted entrance to the Council champers, and as such Deliah decided to have a little "fun" with Master Tobias Sun. Not finding lightsaber practice or meditation to her liking, Blue fixed Sun's speeder bike and took it and him for a ride. During the subsequent time spent at the Hidden Temple, Deliah grew jealous of Azlyn Rae, who rekindled old feelings in Cade.[18]

Cade returned to the Mynock after the meeting with the Council, who were thinking it over. Blue expressed concern that they would not be successful, as they had never done an assassination before, and that it was Krayt himself. She asked why Cade was taking interest, since he was not a Jedi. Cade replied that Krayt would never leave him alone, and he could never live life constantly in fear and on the run. Blue supported him nevertheless, saying she didn't want a long, boring life, and wanted something fast and interesting. Later that day, Blue watched via hologram as the Council declared that they would not support Cade in his resolution to assassinate Krayt, as it was not the Jedi way. Regardless, Cade, Deliah, Syn, Artoo, and the Imperial Knights departed in the Mynock to take the Sith Lord down.[19]

An ancient threat[]

"Blue, if you have a plan to get Cade out, you'd better get your pink rear in gear! These things are starting to look at me like I'm a big, juicy, gizka steak…!"
―Jariah Syn asks for assistance[20]

Deliah Blue

The group decided to lay a trap for Krayt on Had Abbadon. En route to the planet, Blue expressed to Syn that the plan was crazy, and asked if he had ever done anything similar before she joined. Syn explained that as pirates, assassinations were not their cup of tea, but expressed confidence in the upcoming mission anyway. Suddenly, the Mynock was pulled out of hyperspace by the ancient Jedi Knight Celeste Morne. Morne, who was under the influence of the spirit of Sith Lord Karness Muur for the last four thousand years via the Muur Talisman she wore around her neck, used a tractor beam to pull the Mynock onto an Imperial Star Destroyer she had captured. Once the Mynock was in the Star Destroyer hangar bay, Blue was ordered to stay with the ship while Cade, Syn, Shado, Azlyn, Draco, and Krieg explored the seemingly abandoned hangar bay. Draco and Krieg split from the group and went to explore another part of the hangar, while the rest of the group searched the only other ship in the hangar bay. Upon examination, the group found that the ship was over one hundred years old and that the bones found inside were the skeletal remains of the crew, transformed after being infected by the rakghoul plague unleashed by Muur through Morne.[20]

Shortly after checking in with Draco and Krieg, who also found nothing but bones, the remaining group members were attacked by live rakghouls, who succeeded in infecting Cade and Azlyn. Morne entered the room, stopping the rakghouls, but noticed that Skywalker and Rae were bitten. Using the Force, Morne separated them from Syn and Vao, locking them in a room and jamming the lock, in effect quarantining them, before telling them of the plague. Seeing Morne take Cade and Azlyn from above, Draco told Blue that Cade was dead and the mission was over, asking her to warm up the hyperdrive. Blue berated him for wanting to leave him behind, and defied him. Vao was having difficulties cutting through the door, and so Syn asked Blue to help him fend off the rakghouls that were surrounding the pair. Paired with an attack by the two remaining Imperial Knights, Blue used the Mynock's laser to shoot at the rakghouls, saving Syn and Vao from the rakghoul's attack. On the other side of the door, Skywalker used his healing power to cure Rae and himself of the plague. Surprised and impressed by the feat, Morne let them out of the room and into the room containing Syn, Vao, Blue, Draco and Krieg. As Blue helped Cade and Azlyn to the ship, Morne declared that Skywalker had earned her approval and that she would ally with the group in their quest to kill Darth Krayt.[20]

Had Abbadon[]

"I'm a Zeltron—we're not supposed to get all hung up about just one other person, but I can't help it! I know Cade's with that Imperial witch—Master Rae—and it hurts!"
―Deliah Blue[21]

Blue confides in Syn about Cade.

On Had Abbadon, Blue assisted Vao, Syn, Draco, and Krieg in dropping Cade, Morne, and Rae over the Imperial base there. After alerting their presence on the world to the Sith, they waited for the rakghoul plague-infected Darth Reave to return to Coruscant and alert his Master. As the Mynock's crew waited in a cave for Krayt to arrive, Deliah expressed her feelings about Cade to Jariah. She was certain that he preferred Azlyn over her and shared a bond due to their Force-sensitivity and Cade's healing of her. Syn understood her jealousy, but remained supportive, telling her that he healed her too, and although they got into fights often, he was always there for them. He suggested to just leave Cade alone, as he probably had many things on his mind about their current mission and situation. Syn promised Cade would come back around.[21]

The plan worked, and the Sith Emperor arrived personally on Had Abbadon. During the fight with Krayt, Blue remained on the Mynock, prepping her for flight. At the end of the battle, Azlyn Rae managed to impale Darth Krayt from behind, allowing Celeste Morne to mortally wound him with Force lightning before pushing him off a cliff. However, the Imperial Knight was severely wounded from the electrocution as well. Cade's Dark transfer was unable to heal her, and upon bringing her back to the ship, told Blue to get the ship's course set for Kiffex to receive healing by Droo.[22]

Events on Kiffex[]

"You stoopa…! You're such a moron sometimes. You still don't get it, do you? I'm a Zeltron—I can feel the bond between you two coming off in waves. Cade, i'm okay with that. Rae brings out a side you don't show to anyone else in the galaxy… like someone you coulda been."
―Deliah to Cade[23]

Deliah defends Cade.

At arrival on Kiffex, Cade quickly handed off the injured Azlyn to Bantha and Droo, telling them that Azlyn didn't want to die, before immediately passing out thereafter. He later woke up, finding himself in bed in Blue's arms. As Cade got up to rush for Azlyn, Blue encouraged him to slow down. Cade then accused Blue of hoping that Azlyn died because of her jealousy. Blue snapped back and said she could feel how much she meant to him, and that she wanted the best for him. She said she would hurt him if she ever caught him with Darth Talon again, but she was okay with Cade's relationship to Azlyn, as she brought out the best in him. In the end, both stormed off, Cade not believing her and Blue to the Mynock, for something she could actually fix.[23]

As Cade returned to the compound after starting some ruckus at the Busted Blaster, he encountered Azlyn in a biosuit not too dissimilar from his ancestor Darth Vader's. Azlyn was angry at Cade for condemning her to a life of bondage, no longer being able to feel from her skin, and for saving her. Rae had accepted the will of the Force and would have allowed herself to die, but Cade's selfishness could not let her go. She then began attacking him, throwing him with the Force and eventually lifting him up by his throat. Blue then intervened, placing a blaster to Azlyn's head and asking if she had a problem with living. Azlyn dropped Cade, saying she had no problem with Blue, and stating she just wanted to get off the planet. Because Cade had lied to Droo about Azlyn's desires about living, Bantha gave them two days to leave for the time-being. Blue immediately began work on the Mynock for its exit out of Kiffex's lightning-filled atmosphere, eventually flying off without saying goodbye to the children.[24]

Issues in the Outer Rim[]

"You have more worth than you think, Deliah Blue."
―Ethan Adare[25]

Blue, Skywalker, and Syn raid the Black Sun.

After leaving Kiffex, Blue, Cade, and Jariah traveled to the Outer Rim, where they began stealing Imperial shipments stolen themselves by the Black Sun. By fencing these goods on Tatooine, the Mynock's crew earned many credits, Deliah hoping to get a new pair of boots. Despite the dangers they faced by aggravating the most powerful criminal organization in the galaxy, Blue commented that things were beginning to feel like old times again. However, Cade continued to refuse Blue's advances, annoying her. Blue confided in Jariah that she was becoming frustrated with Cade's cold attitude. When Jariah jokingly offered to step in for Cade, Blue did not immediately rebuff him.[26]

Landing in Mos Eisley to sell the newest captured shipment, Blue noted that the Mynock's defective trivalve assembly was finally finished. Without the part, the group was more or less stranded on the planet, so Cade promised they would purchase one before anything else after selling the contraband. However, the fence, Muz, would only buy for a quarter of the usual price, even after threats from Cade, as he wanted to avoid attention from the Black Sun. To make matters worse, finding a trivalve proved to be more difficult than they anticipated. After some bickering between the group, Syn suggested the classic "Missionary" scam, in which they would obtain one from the Imperial Mission.[26]

Back on the Mynock, Deliah donned the robes of an Imperial Missionary, which almost suffocated her in the humidity. She inquired as to why Syn couldn't do it, but both Cade and Syn agreed that her abilities of persuasion made her a much better choice. Waiting for a Missionary to show up, Blue reminisced about her troubled past of scamming, bringing her to tears. As she began crying, Imperial Missionary Ethan Adare approached her, asking if she was new to the planet. Introducing herself as Astraal Vao, Blue accompanied Adare to the Mission house. One the way there, she bluffed to the man that a moisture farmer who had helped her before himself needed the trivalve. Adare was happy to provide, but first showed her the Mission's efforts to the impoverished, boring her and testing her patience.[3]

Blue, as an Imperial Missionary, yields to Ethan Adare.

The following night, Adare brought the trivalve to the Mynock, parked on the outskirts of the city. After noting that it was rather large for a moisture farmer, Blue drew her blaster on him, confessing her true status as a pirate. She allowed him to leave, but he said he would tell the authorities if he got away, and that her only choice was to kill him. Blue was not a murderer and could not bring herself to do it, conceding to him and lowered her weapon. Adare then revealed that he knew she was not a Missionary from the start, as he had actually met Astraal Vao in the past. Deliah told him her true name, and began crying, believing that she had failed in her task. However, Adare comforted her, telling her to keep the part. He asked why she didn't just ask for help, and she replied that no one would just give her the part, especially being a criminal. He then told her she was worth more than she saw herself, and asked if he could help her in installing the part. Blue remarked that the Mynock was a spaceship, not a speeder, but Adare informed her he was not always a Missionary and got to work, successfully installing it with her help.[25]

Unknown to Blue, Cade was being pursued by a Blood Carver and two Anzati assassins hired by the Black Sun after first being abducted by Imperial operative and secretly his half-sister Gunn Yage. However, with the help of Syn and Morrigan Corde, Cade and Yage managed to escape. After confronting Black Sun Vigo Lun Rask using the assassins' ship, Cade and Syn returned to Tatooine, where they found the Mynock flying once more.[25] The three then departed Tatooine for Blue's homeworld of Zeltros, where Queen Jool had just opened a new cantina.[27]


"Tried to keep you out. Afraid of what might happen. Didn't want to hurt you—though I know I have. Can't pretend, can't lie. Not anymore. Not to you. Not to myself. You're what keeps me on course—the one constant star in my galaxy. You're how I find my way back when I get lost. All the best in me lies in you. Love you, Blue."
―Cade Skywalker[28]

In Paradise, Blue, with two other Zeltron females cheered Skywalker and Syn as they leaped from the top of one of the cantina's many several-story waterfalls. She was later seen with a Zeltron male when Rav appeared with a job that needed doing. Two individuals, a Nikto and a Zabrak accompanied him, who, according to Rav, also wanted the mission. Jool asked Cade to deal with them without damage to the cantina, which was easily accomplished by throwing one off a waterfall and chopping the other in the neck. After defeating the goons, however, the crew agreed they didn't want any more jobs from him. However, the group's view changed after Rav mentioned the pay: one million credits. Agreeing on a favorable eighty to twenty split, Cade agreed to "terminate" the client's pest. Finally inquiring on the location, Rav divulged it as Wayland, immediately filling Cade with regret.[27]

Blue is tortured in the Embrace of Pain.

On the way to Wayland, Blue discovered empty deathstick containers at the base of Cade's bunk. She asked him why he was using them again, as he had promised her he would stop. He said it wasn't what it looked like, and they were to relive his nightmares about the planet, but refused to elaborate on any details. Blue was oblivious to what was troubling him, and asked him to let her help. However, he cast her away, and explained he was there when the planet died, the first failure of the Ossus Project that would change the galaxy forever.[27]

There they encountered a world transformed and overrun with hostile Yuuzhan Vong lifeforms. Years earlier, a rogue Yuuzhan Vong named Zenoc Quah had sabotaged the Ossus Project, an undertaking by the New Jedi Order to heal and restore worlds devastated during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Led by Cade's father, Kol, and Master Shaper Nei Rin, the project seemed like a wonderful success at first, but just months later, every living thing on the planet aside from Jedi and Vong themselves underwent horrible mutations, dooming the planet. As Cade, Blue, and Syn fought off various carnivorous plants, an attack from Vongformed Myneyrshi separated Blue from her companions, knocking them all unconscious, and resulted in her captured.[29] The Myneyrshi brought her to Darth Maladi, who maintained a secret laboratory on the planet. Maladi placed Blue in the Embrace of Pain, torturing her unbearably. The Sith Lady also used Blue as a test subject for a new Sith bioweapon, grafting the living weapon to her back.[30]

Cade and Blue kiss as fire consumes them.

Immediately after regaining consciousness, Cade tamed a clawbird trying to scavenge his body and used his connection with Deliah to locate her. Cutting through Vong growths with his lightsaber, Skywalker eventually stumbled across her. He tried comforting her before using his healing power to remove the growth on her spine. However, the dark-side energies involved actually further mutated the weapon, and coupled with the Force-resistant Embrace caused Blue excruciating pain. Maladi suddenly appeared and told Cade that the only way to save Deliah was to use her pain to fuel his anger, and to give in to the power of the dark side. Cade agreed to try, and Maladi removed Blue from the Embrace. He attempted healing once more, but again only caused her horrific pain. Maladi continues to tempt Skywalker, filling him with anger and hate. Cade collapsed to the brink of the dark side, but ultimately resisted her and turned on the Sith. Maladi pushed him away and activated the self-destruction mechanism of the lab before fleeing.

Wolf Sazen arrived with Syn and Fionah Ti, having killed Zenoc Quah. Skywalker, who was still on the edge of the dark side, threatened to kill Sazen if he intervened, but his former Master attempted to bring him back regardless. The Zabrak explained that the light brought him to Cade from across the galaxy to be with him at that moment. He asked him how he can not trust in the light over the dark, or even the power of the Force at all. Sazen succeeded in convincing Cade into using the light side with his healing power. As the others fled the lab and the timer ticked down, Cade confessed all his feelings for Blue, finally admitting how much he loves her and how he needs her by his side. Using these feelings to draw on the light side of the Force, Skywalker was able to destroy the weapon, healing Blue as the base exploded. As Sazen, Syn, and Ti looked at the rubble in horror, Skywalker emerged from the flames with Blue, having erected a bubble with the Force for protection.[28]

Hunting Vul Isen[]

"Any closer, Mistress Blue, and you'll be in my lap. Or is that your next negotiating position?"
―Admiral Gar Stazi[31]

Blue on Daluuj

With Blue saved, Cade decided to wage war against the Sith. The first person on Cade's list was Vul Isen, the "Butcher of Dac." With the help of Naxy Screeger, the crew of the Mynock learned of Isen's laboratory on Daluuj. Upon storming the base, the team fought through waves of stormtroopers and Sith Acolytes, only to find Isen himself missing. While Cade and Sazen interrogated the final surviving Sith, Blue, Artoo, and Jariah began planting explosives. Syn noticed Cade's anger at the Sith was burning, and Deliah added that while they were now doing great, they hadn't yet had much time to talk. When the last surviving Sith yielded no information on Isen's whereabouts, Blue and the crew immediately departed, leaving him there to be killed when the base detonated moments later. As the Mynock flew into space, unaware of its next destination, Queen Jool asked the crew to meet her and other Hutt leaders on Nal Hutta in the headquarters of Vedo Anjiliac Atirue, leader of the Anjiliac Atirue.[32]

Arriving at the adopted Hutt homeworld, the crew by chance found Screeger, who was working as Vedo's gatekeeper. He attempted to gain payment for the intelligence surrounding Daluuj, but Cade refused as Isen was not there. The Sakiyan then stopped the group from entering to see the Hutt. Skywalker reminded him that they were invited, but Screeger corrected him, saying only he was invited. With the press of a button, a door slammed from the ceiling, separating Cade from his companions. Blue, Syn, and Sazen turned to see security droids aiming at them. As Blue and Syn prepared to engage, the Jedi Master stopped them, saying that if the Hutts wanted them dead, they already would be. The three then anxiously waited Cade's return from his meeting with Vedo and Jool. When he did return, Blue asked if he was okay, and Cade responded that he was and that the Hutts had tasked him with killing Isen on Utapau.[33]

Blue saves Stazi's life.

Upon docking in Pau City, Blue, Syn, and Artoo met with Lieutenant Ona Antilles to discuss weapon sales to the Galactic Alliance Remnant, allowing Cade and Sazen to sneak away undetected. After some discussion, Admiral Gar Stazi himself appeared to negotiate. Informed by Cade that Isen had sent assassins after Stazi, Blue and Syn kept their eyes open. Nevertheless, the crew did need some extra credits, and the deal continued seriously, with Blue attempting to use her Zeltron ways to seduce the Admiral. Jariah suddenly noticed a guard raise his blaster towards the Duros, and immediately slashed him with the amphistaff he had acquired on Wayland as Blue tackled Stazi out of harm's way. He was grateful in their help for saving his life and that of his staff, but told them he did not intend on softening the deal. Elsewhere in the city, Sazen killed Darth Azard while Skywalker slew Vul Isen, saving Stazi and all of Utapau for the moment from the Sith threat.[31]


"Don't understand the Force, but I trust you."
―Deliah, as she kisses Cade[34]

Back on the Mynock, Blue and Syn questioned Skywalker's belief that Krayt had indeed returned. Even if he had come back, they wondered why Cade even cared. Cade told them that the Force willed him to do so, and they just couldn't understand. He told them that he wouldn't hold it against them if they chose not accompany him, but they promptly stated they trusted him and would follow him anywhere.[34]

Krayt had indeed returned, and after killing Darth Wyyrlok and resuming control of the One Sith, brought the galaxy to war. Blue flew the Mynock during an attack on the Darklight, an Imperious-class Star Destroyer sent to Falleen to bombard the planet. They were joined by Rogue Squadron, sent by Admiral Stazi to aid in defense of the planet. Following the battle, Blue accompanied Cade with the rest of the crew to meet with Stazi personally on his flagship.[35]

Blue comforts Cade after Bantha's death.

Blue later accompanied Cade and Syn to the Wheel to rendezvous with Morrigan Corde. After learning of Corde's secret identity of Nyna Calixte, the three prepared to depart for the Jedi Hidden Temple when they were attacked by Darth Talon. Swiftly repelling her, the four found Antares Draco frozen in carbonite on the Mynock. Discovering the Hidden Temple's location was compromised, Deliah exclaimed that the Jedi needed to be warned.[36]

The group returned to Taivas, shortly before the Sith launched an all-out assault on the Hidden Temple. As Cade fought with the other Jedi and Imperial Knights on the ground, Blue, Syn, and Corde flew the Mynock in the aerial battle. Unfortunately, although much of the Temple was composed of starships and thus able able to escape, the Council chambers, where Cade, Nat Skywalker, and T'ra Saa still remained, were not. As a crashing Sith ship spiraled towards the building, Rawk used the Force to save his nephew one final time, and defenestrated him into the lake. Focusing their energy, Rawk and Saa sent a beam of light skyward, creating a gap in the Sith blockade for a speedy evacuation to commence. Deliah found Cade in the lake, and descended to pick him up. As he leaped on board, one of Darth Krayt's Sith troopers boarded as well, although with the help of Morrigan Corde, the Sith was quickly knocked unconscious and taken captive. As the Mynock sped towards Bastion, Blue tended to the wounds of her love, and comforted him over the death of his uncle and the lost Jedi.[37]


"Love you, Cade. Always and forever."
―Deliah Blue, believing Cade Skywalker to be dead[38]

The Mynock and the allied fleets returned to Bastion. There it was decided to launch an attack on the now vulnerable Coruscant in hope of killing Krayt. It was decided that a small strike team infiltrate the capital and disable the planet's orbital defenses. Despite some reluctance from Morrigan Corde, Blue and Syn successfully smuggled the team onto the capital's surface in the Mynock. As the group prepared to depart, Cade and Blue shared an embrace and a kiss. Blue told Cade not to do anything stupid, but Cade replied that the mission was already pretty stupid as is, and to keep the engines running.[39]

The strike force succeeded in crippling Coruscant's defenses just as the Allied fleet emerged from hyperspace, and the Blue and Syn took off to assist them. At the team's extraction point, Morrigan Corde commed the Mynock, asking about the Cade's location. Syn replied that he and the others had headed to the Temple of the Sith to face Darth Krayt. The Mynock was then struck by an ion blast, frying the engines and sending it plummeting towards the planet's surface in a fiery wreck.[39]

Cade awakens and kisses Blue.

Blue and Syn managed to survive the impact, however, as the Mynock found a place to "crash gently." The pair and Artoo were busy with repairs when they received a message from Corde, who informed them of Krayt's death by Cade's hands. She instructed them to get airborne, however, as Cade was taking the body to Coruscant's sun, intent on incinerating both of them to ensure Krayt would never return. Before he took her ship, Corde gave her son a locket containing a holo of herself, Cade and his father, but also a tracer so they could find him.[38]

Quite a while later, the three eventually got the Mynock running again and shot towards Coruscant Prime. As they approached the star, they found Skywalker floating in space. R2-D2 jettisoned outside and pulled him into the ship, where Blue and Syn discovered he was not breathing; Cade Skywalker was dead. As the two mourned the loss of their best friend, Blue gave her love a kiss and professed her love for him. Cade's body then immediately awoke and kissed her back, informing the pair that he had gone into a Jedi hibernation trance like he did over Ossus. Reunited with his friends and lover, Cade set course for a distant place where they could all move forward and be in peace.[38]


"Something's always gotta fail at the worst possible time..."
―Sauk, following the transaction[40]

Cade and his buddies celebrate a successful transaction

Following the defeat of the One Sith and their Galactic Empire, a new Galactic Federation Triumvirate, consisting of the Imperial court, the Jedi High Council, and the Galactic Alliance was formed.[41] By 140 ABY, Deliah Blue and her companions Cade Skywalker and Jariah Syn were traveling through the galaxy. That year, Deliah and Cade were present at at cantina when Syn was dealing with a Mon Calamari engineer named Sauk, who was trying to procure a stabilizing coil for his companion, the assassin droid AG-37's freighter. While Sauk was unhappy at having to fork out a large amount of credits to pay for the coil, he reluctantly agreed to buy it after Jariah pointed out that it was difficult to obtain a new coil in this star system. Deliah and her companions were delighted at their successful transaction, which came at an opportune moment for Sauk and his friends. Shortly later, Sauk and his companions AG-37, the junk dealer Ania Solo, and the former Imperial Knight Jao Assam were attacked.[40]

Personality and traits[]

"If you could help me out, I'd be very grateful. And I always pay my debts…!"
"Well, I guess it won't do no harm…"
―Blue, exploiting her appearance to a Gotal guard[6]

Deliah in swimwear

A Zeltron, Deliah Blue was considered highly attractive by Human, near-Human, and even humanoid standards. Her skin was a bright pink, while her hair and lips were a lush shade of blue. Her eyes shined a deep violet.[1] Like most Zeltrons, Blue was fond of partying, and although she would later pursue a career in her life, this liking would never disappear. Her wardrobe contained a wide range of tight and revealing attire for everyday use,[7] swimwear,[27] armor,[33] and various other occasions. Additionally, her usual clothing was fashionable, flashy, and bright, often in neon colors similar to her own natural tones.[26] The group often took advantage of her appearance, such as coercing guards to let them pass, evident in their entrance of Brogar's Safe House.[6] Additionally, her species could generate pheromones to enhance their attractiveness, and had the empathic ability to read and feel the emotions of others. This made her very persuasive, and she even tried to seduce Gar Stazi, leader of the Galactic Alliance Remnant, for a better deal on the weapons she was selling.[31] She also sought to meet her sexual desires, thus flirting with Cade frequently and sleeping with him any chance she could.[7][9][16]

One of Deliah Blue's greatest traits was her loyalty to her friends, particularly Cade Skywalker and Jariah Syn. Although the three often got into fights, threatening to shoot, maim, or even murder one another on occasion, the bond between them was inseparable. Her attraction to Cade grew into something more, and the bond between them was so strong that Blue felt jealousy when she witnessed Cade kissing Darth Talon, despite the fact that it was mostly an act and Zeltrons were polyamorous.[13] After being captured by the Empire and facing torture, Blue refused to give up Cade's location, despite the fact that he had ditched them on Bastion.[10] She would give her life for him, and challenged his decision to exchange his life to the Sith for hers and Jariah's.[12] After being freed, she refused to leave the planet without him.[2] Even when he began to redevelop feelings for Azlyn Rae, Deliah loved Cade enough to let him be with her since she brought out the best in him.[23]

Skills and abilities[]

"Come on, Artoo! We'll get the Mynock flying again if I have to kick it into orbit!"
―Deliah Blue, to R2-D2[38]

Deliah fixing something

In addition to being very persuasive, Blue was an extremely skilled mechanic. She had a reputation of being able to fix anything with a hydrospanner, and managed to keep the Mynock running, even in the most desperate of times. Even in files collected by Imperial Intelligence, Blue was regarded as one of the best Zeltron mechanics in the galaxy.[2] She was known to have encountered and rebuilt the legendary Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft sometime during her life.[33] Deliah Blue was also skilled at flying the ships she maintained, maneuvering the Mynock on multiple occasions, particularly during the insertion and extraction of other members of the crew on the ground.[5]

Deliah was also a crack shot with a blaster or another projectile weapon, a necessary skill for bounty hunting. She was able to hit the fast-moving Jedi Hosk Trey'lis with a single dart in the face.[6] She later fought on Vendaxa and Daluuj against dangerous creatures, stormtroopers, and Sith and escape relatively unscathed physically.[8][32] Deliah Blue used a Bluebolt blaster pistol as well as a concealed dart launcher which fired darts that were filled with a sedative that knocked out her targets.[42]

Blue was also skilled at tattooing, evident when she tattooed a black skull on Cade Skywalker's right arm.[18]

Behind the scenes[]

An early depiction of Deliah

Deliah Blue was created by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema for the comic book series Star Wars: Legacy, making her first out-of-universe appearance in Star Wars Insider #87. Her first in-universe appearance was in the comic's second issue. Aside from the cover of Legacy (2006) 2, where she was depicted by Adam Hughes, Deliah Blue has been illustrated by Jan Duursema in all her appearances in the Legacy comic.

On page 19 of Legacy 7, it was intended that Deliah and Cade spend the night together. However, a coloring mistake in the issue resulted in Deliah appearing with human flesh tones rather than deep-pink Zeltron tones, leading readers to ask if the character in Cade's bed was Marasiah Fel, not Deliah. The page was reprinted with the colors corrected in the back of a subsequent issue, and the corrected page was used in the trade paperback.

In 2010, Delilah Blue and Darth Nihl action figures were released in a Hasbro Comic Pack. The pack included a reprint of Legacy #7 with the corrected coloring on page 19.[43]

In Polish issues of Legacy, Deliah's name is changed to Delia because "Deliah" would have been a male name in Polish. (Similarly, Marasiah was changed to "Marasia.")

Deliah Blue made a cameo appearance in the last issue of Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman's Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2, the second iteration of the Legacy comic series. She was drawn by Brian Albert Thies, colored by Jordan Boyd, and designed by Rick DeLucco.


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