The Dellalt system contained the planet Dellalt.


In 0 BBY, a ship from an Imperial convoy passing through the Dellalt system, named the Bixby defected to the Rebel Alliance. Its crew informed the Alliance of Operation Strike Fear. Pilot Keyan Farlander later spotted an Imperial fleet gathering in this system during a reconnaissance mission.

It was the site of a skirmish during the Galactic Civil War around 3 ABY between Imperial Navy forces led by the Victory-class Star Destroyer Formidable and four squadrons of Rebel X-wing and A-wing starfighters, including the famed Rogue Squadron.

Behind the scenesEdit

A "Delalt system" was named in the mission description and briefing for "Attack on Victory-class Star Destroyer Formidable", a battle of Imperial Fleet Operation: Clean Sweep in the computer game Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. This game was a sequel to Star Wars: X-Wing, which featured the Dellalt system in one mission. It seems improbable that the game designers intended the two as separate star systems, and equally improbable that the Rebels had a significant presence in two separate sectors each containing star systems with such similar names.



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