"The bomber was right, partially. The moon Cynda might be shattered by blasts at the stress points he names, but it would require far more explosives, and of a higher grade, than Gorse has in its stores."
―Deltic, to Denetrius Vidian — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Deltic, nicknamed Lieutenant Strangechild by her crewmate Commander Nibiru Chamas, was a human lieutenant in the Imperial Navy and the planetary science specialist of the Imperial Star Destroyer Ultimatum during its mission to the Gorse system in 11 BBY. She provided a report for the industrialist Count Denetrius Vidian and Captain Rae Sloane on the possibility of destroying the moon Cynda using explosives, causing Vidian to set in motion such a plan to more efficiently harvest the mineral thorilide.

Deltic later accompanied Sloane and the Ultimatum to Calcoraan Depot to help collect the explosive Baradium-357 for use in destroying Cynda. However, a group of rebels led by Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla ultimately foiled Vidian's plan to destroy the moon, and the count was revealed to be a traitor to the Empire. Nevertheless, Deltic greatly enjoyed working on the failed plan to destroy Cynda, joining a betting pool as to how much damage it would cause to the surface of the planet Gorse.


Predicting destructionEdit

"The projections are run, Count Vidian."
―Deltic, to Denetrius Vidian — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

The human female Lieutenant Deltic served in the Imperial Navy as the planetary science specialist aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Ultimatum during its mission to the Gorse system[1] in 11 BBY.[2] Commanded by Captain Rae Sloane, the ship and its crew were tasked with aiding industrialist Count Denetrius Vidian, who had been sent to the system to improve the efficiency of thorilide mining on Cynda, a moon of the planet Gorse. After demolitionist Skelly gave Vidian a report outlining the dangers of using explosives to mine on Cynda, Vidian had Deltic run projections based on Skelly's claims that too much explosive mining would destroy the moon.[1]

Deltic found that Skelly had been partially correct, as Cynda could be destroyed by explosives, but such a blast would need a higher quality and greater quantity of explosives than Gorse had in all its supplies combined. She confirmed for the count that after the moon's fragmentation, large quantities of thorilide would remain in the system and so could be harvested, although she warned that some of the mineral would be ejected from the system entirely and some would end up on the surface of Gorse. Vidian was uninterested in the fate of those on Gorse's surface, but Sloane demanded to know what Deltic's findings predicted would happen. The lieutenant explained that parts of the moon would fall as meteors, with the amount depending on where Cynda was at in its lunar cycle when destroyed.[1]

She then speculated that the meteors would cause catastrophic seismic activity on the planet and potentially cause it to start spinning again, since it was held stationary by Cynda's presence in its orbit. Deltic suggested that the destruction of Cynda might make no changes to Gorse at all or possibly destroy the planet's entire biome in the next ten years. Deltic also warned of the possibility that Cynda's destruction would cause the breakdown of large amounts of the thorilide located there, which would prevent them from harvesting it, and suggested that a test should be carried out to make sure the moon was not being destroyed for nothing.[1]

Cynda savedEdit

"We have a betting pool going on down in Planetary Sciences. If something takes out the World Watch Plaza building in Gorse City in this calendar year, I'm taking my shore leave on Alderaan!"
―Deltic, to Rae Sloane — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Vidian elected to destroy Cynda based on Deltic's report. After a test proved that the thorilide would not break down following the moon's destruction, he ordered a fleet of mining vessels be sent from Gorse to his space station, Calcoraan Depot, where they were to collect the explosive isotope Baradium-357, which was strong enough to destroy Cynda in the quantities Vidian possessed. Aboard the Ultimatum, Deltic joined several other members of the Planetary Sciences department in a betting ring concerning how much damage the destruction of Cynda would cause on Gorse. She made a wager that the World Watch Plaza building would be destroyed by debris within a year of Cynda's fragmentation. When the Ultimatum also traveled to the Calcoraan system, where the depot was located, Sloane brought Deltic with her to the station to explain the process Vidian was carrying out, starting with how the vessel Forager functioned, as the count planned on using it to harvest the thorilide left in the Gorse system.[1]

Vidian managed to get the explosives back to the Gorse system, but his plan to destroy Cynda was ultimately foiled by a group of rebels consisting of Skelly, the novice Jedi Kanan Jarrus, the pilot Hera Syndulla, and the Sullustan Zaluna Myder. Sloane and her crew ended up turning on Vidian when they discovered that he had planned to betray the Empire. For her role in Vidian's downfall, Sloane was honored at a ceremony on Gorse and awarded a permanent posting as captain of the Ultimatum. Deltic and other members of the Star Destroyer's crew attended the ceremony but were then sent back to the ship while Sloane attended a celebratory party.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Nothing could happen. Or you could see the destruction of the whole biome in ten years."
"Ten years!"
"Or not. It's almost worth doing just to see what would happen."
―Deltic and Rae Sloane discuss the potential effects of Cynda's destruction on Gorse — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Deltic was a fairly callous individual, caring little for the damage and suffering that Denetrius Vidian's plans for Cynda would cause among the population of Gorse. She was greatly excited by the report she put together for Vidian on the destruction of Cynda and grinned as she delivered it to him and Captain Rae Sloane, chuckling when revealing the damage that would be done to Gorse. When speculating on the amount of damage on the planet, Deltic postulated that it might be worth destroying the moon just to see what would happen, as she was unsure of the exact effects. She later suggested tests should be made to ensure that the thorilide would be harvestable after Cynda's destruction, otherwise Vidian's plan would lead to a "waste of a good moon."[1]

Deltic took part in a betting ring concerning the damage that Cynda's destruction would wreak on Gorse, planning to spend her winnings on shore leave to the planet Alderaan if she won. When Sloane brought Deltic to Calcoraan Depot, the lieutenant was deeply impressed by the starship Forager and explained how it worked to Sloane in great detail, though she used informal terms in an unprofessional manner, such as "goodies" when referring to thorilide particles. Deltic deeply annoyed Sloane, who wanted to dismiss the lieutenant out of an airlock after she revealed her part in the betting ring. Sloane was glad Deltic was sent home after her award ceremony, as she was worried that Deltic might cause her embarrassment. Commander Nibiru Chamas, who also served on the Ultimatum, referred to Deltic as "Lieutenant Strangechild."[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Deltic first appeared in the novel A New Dawn, which was written by John Jackson Miller and released in 2014.[1] Miller noted that Deltic's line, "It's almost worth doing just to see what would happen," was a close runner-up for his favorite line of dialogue in the entire novel.[3]


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