"We are not in the business of allowing such egregious experiments to proceed, regardless of the long-term benefit to our own mining efforts on Nyriaan. Therefore, we must stop the CSA from carrying out this project."
Ghurn, a Galactic Republic official, on the Deluge Experiment[src]

The Deluge Experiment was an project initiated by the Corporate Sector Authority to alter the climate of the planet Nyriaan.

The projectEdit

During the time of the Galactic Republic, the planet Nyriaan was colonized and a series of mines were established on the world, to extract madilon ore. However, the mining efforts were complicated by the world's fierce storms, which made it almost impossible to land starships or use conventional means of communications on the world. As a result, during the waning years of the Republic, the Corporate Sector Authority embarked upon the Deluge Experiment, a plan to nullify storms that plagued ionosphere, by causing all moisture in atmosphere to condense and flood the surface. The scheme would eliminate all the communications and operational difficulties that harried mining operations on Nyriaan, and would thereby increase the CSA's profits, but the flooding also threatened to wipe out the majority of world's ecology and major population centers.

After decades of research, the Deluge Experiment was put into action, and it was kept secret from high-ranking CSA members in order to protect them from prosecution in event of the scheme causing a serious loss of life. While the scientists engaged in the project believed that the flood waters produced by the Deluge Experiment would rise gradually, allowing time for evacuation of the flooded regions, some feared that the experiment could generate single tempest that would quickly engulf the world and drown most of Nyriaan's population. A large device that was similar to a vaporator—known as the Deluge Device—was constructed on top of the plateau Final Rest at one of the world's highest points, and the machine was controlled from a nearby command center.

Word of the Deluge Experiment eventually reached the Galactic Republic, and the Republic agents Klieri and Yrssk were dispatched to investigate the project. The CSA assassinated Klieri and bribed Yrssk into betraying the Republic, and the Republic sent some more operatives to the world to put a stop to the Deluge Experiment. Meanwhile, the CSA finally activated the Deluge Device and a number of tempests were generated in the atmosphere around Final Rest, which altered the world's climate and caused some large cyclones and heavy rainfall. The Republic operatives subsequently journeyed to Final Rest and attempted to shut down the Deluge Device.