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Delva Racine was a human female high-fashion designer during the Republic Era.[1] In 19 BBY,[3] on the planet Coruscant, she was walking up the steps of the[4] Galaxies Opera House[5] with another human patron during a performance of[4] Squid Lake[5] when the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker ran past them into the opera house to meet Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine.[4]

During the Imperial Era, Princess Leia Organa of the planet Alderaan owned a Delva Racine original hanging sleeve dress as part of her diplomatic wardrobe.[6] She wore the dress during the Royal Award Ceremony on[7] the jungle moon[8] Yavin 4[7] in 0 ABY,[9] held to commemorate the heroes of the Battle of Yavin.[7] Racine was fair-skinned with brown hair buns,[2] a hairstyle which Organa would also later wear.[7] While at the opera, she wore a pair of golden-colored goggles, a neckpiece, and a horn-like mask that covered her nose and mouth.[2] She also wore a grey tunic and silver-colored raised shoes.[10]

Behind the scenes[]

Delva Racine appeared in the prequel trilogy film, Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith,[4] released on May 19, 2005.[11] She was played by real-life British fashion designer Alice Shreeve, who is the creative director of the London-based women's wear label Belle & Bunty.[12] The Galaxies Opera House stair scenes including Racine were shot on the R Stage at Shepperton Studios in Shepperton, England during additional photography on August 23, 2004.[13]

In the new Star Wars canon, Racine's name was revealed in 2016 by the mobile application Star Wars: Card Trader.[2] The name originated in the Star Wars Legends continuity, where it was introduced in the reference book Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith: The Visual Dictionary, written by James Luceno[14] and released prior to the film on April 2, 2005.[15]


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