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"You are most welcome here, my dear woman. I have an endless supply of theories about Jedi abilities—yet I keep running out of Jedi."

Demagol, born Antos Wyrick, was a male Zeltron scientist who joined the Neo-Crusaders during the Mandalorian Wars. During his childhood, Wyrick was captured by Iskalloni slavers from whom he learned his infamous surgical techniques. Subsequently released by a Mandalorian raid, the young Zeltron was taken into Mando'ade culture and trained in martial arts by Mandalore the Indomitable himself. In 3996 BBY, after the Duel on Kuar and the victory of Ulic Qel-Droma over Mandalore, Wyrick became fascinated by the Force and its mechanisms. Having stolen the robe of the Arkanian Jedi Master Arca Jeth in Ulic's affairs during the Great Sith War, the scientist began experimenting with a hair found in the clothes of the disappeared master at the end of the war.

After the war, Wyrick became engaged to a Zeltron woman and had a child with her, whom they named Chantique. He was also the master of a mysterious school on Osadia, in which Chantique and Edessa were pupils. When the school was destroyed by the Crucible, Wyrick was crushed. Wyrick later became a Mandalorian Neo-Crusader, under the alias of Doctor Demagol, and served as Mandalore the Ultimate's lieutenant with Cassus Fett during the Mandalorian Wars. After the capture of Flashpoint Station by the Mandalorians, all Jedi prisoners were sent there to be studied by Demagol, in hopes of finding the secret of their powers to negate and/or replicate them, not understanding the complexity of the Force.

When Zayne Carrick, a fugitive Jedi Padawan, arrived at Flashpoint intending to free Jarael, as well as the Jedi there, Demagol switched armor with Mandalorian Rohlan Dyre, whom he drugged in a coma, and joined Carrick under this guise. Dyre, falling into a coma, was transferred to Coruscant. Demagol traveled with Carrick and his crew, showing an interest in Jarael, whom he believed was actually Edessa. Eventually Jarael left Carrick's company, and Demagol followed her, revealing his true identity. He manipulated Jarael and Chantique into a duel to reveal Jarael's true abilities. During the fight, Chantique attacked her father, and he countered with Exar Kun's lightsaber, which killed both of them.


Early life[]

"Robbed of input, young Antos Wyrick's Zeltron empathetic abilities never developed, so he saved his skin—by offering to help the Iskalloni, learning his masters' hideous surgical techniques."
―Rohlan Dyre[2]
Wyrick Young Butcher

Young Antos Wyrick was introduced to surgery on Iskadrell

Sometime in Antos Wyrick's childhood, the young male Zeltron was taken in by Iskalloni slavers. Being raised by the Iskalloni robbed young Antos of any social development skills, thus leading to the absence of the empathetic ability that developed in all Zeltrons. By learning their surgical techniques, Antos survived and adapted to the Iskalloni lifestyle.[2]

Just prior to the Great Sith War, the Mandalorians invaded Iskadrell. As a result, many slaves of the Iskalloni were taken into Mandalorian culture, including young Antos. Through Mandalorian medics, Antos learned of other species throughout the galaxy, and Mandalore the Indomitable himself taught Martial Arts to the Zeltron. After the Duel on Kuar, Antos was stunned that the Sith Lord Ulic Qel-Droma bested Mandalore in single combat. He wondered what was inside the Jedi to give him this power. While Ulic was preoccupied, Antos sneaked into his cabin and looked for evidence that could help him understand the Jedi's powers. Inside a chest he found a robe that Qel-Droma had carried around with him. Believing he could find answers in a genetic trace, Antos took the robe.[2]

Battle of Iskadrell

Mandalorians free Wyrick on Iskadrell.

The war prevented Antos from beginning his research, but with the death of his mentor and the Mandalorians suffering another humiliating defeat, Antos felt it was time to shed his armor and head for Republic space, once again taking Qel-Droma's robe with him.[2]

Antos immediately found a place in an Arkanian University that was recently named for their fallen hero, Arca Jeth. Antos's talents caused him to excel at the school, up until the day the Adasca family had the school purged of all "alien" students. Even after he was forced to leave, Antos was determined to finish what he started. Finding friends in unlikely places, Antos developed good relations with the Arkanian Offshoot community. Continuing his work with these brilliant students, Antos eventually made the discovery he was looking for: a small hair on the robe revealed that the original owner was not Ulic Qel-Droma at all, but the Jedi Master and Arkanian hero Arca Jeth. However, without proper research facilities, Antos could not study the robe further.[2]

Master of the Osadia School[]

"With the Mando'ade, the wronged offshoots could pursue science as they never could on Arkania—While making cells of Arkania's greatest hero work for their own purposes ! With them and other volunteers, Wyrick formed a research colony on a hidden planet—Osadia."
―Rohlan Dyre[2]

Antos Wyrick in his school on Osadia

Antos contacted his fellow Mandalorians, who desired revenge against the Jedi. With his comrades and a few volunteers, Antos formed a school on the planet Osadia. However, in actuality it was a cover for Antos to run his experiments to create Mandalorian Knights using Jeth's DNA. Antos's main goal was to create a vanguard for an eventual Mandalorian revolution. He modified infants in vitro, but to no success. However, Antos eventually discovered that Jeth was not pure Arkanian; he had Sephi blood. This had been causing complications with the birth parents. Armed with this new knowledge, Antos continued his work, and eventually two offshoot researchers gave birth to Edessa. During this time, Antos met and became engaged to a Zeltron woman, and the couple had a daughter, whom they named Chantique.[2]

However, Antos' greed knew no bounds, and he had bargained with the Crucible slaving organization to obtain more offshoot families. He even traded Chantique, considered a serious crime among the Mandalorians, simply because she was disruptive. The Crucible soon proved it was more greedy than he was. While Antos was away to report his success to Mandalore, the Crucible, led by Dace Golliard, attacked the school using Skyreaper drones, kidnapping his students, ransacking his lab and killing his guards. When Antos's colleagues learned of his dealings with the Crucible, they wanted nothing more to do with him, feeling that the lost children had been truly theirs. Devastated by the loss of his students, especially Edessa, whom Antos called his "triumph," the Zeltron searched the galaxy for the children, but to no avail. During his searches he came across the Mandalorians and decided to rejoin their cause under the guise of Doctor Demagol.[2]

Mandalore's mad scientist[]

"I contribute to the cause in my own way. Finding the source of the so-called Force talents will be the key to negating them—or replicating them."

Demagol with Alek and Jarael

In the years leading up to the Mandalorian Wars, Demagol and his assistant Pulsipher, who was eagerly planning to succeed him,[6] participated in the capture and evaluation of conquered alien species on the Outer Rim. Demagol was also responsible for the study of Jedi and their powers.

Demagol's prisoners included Alek and Jarael, who was mistaken for a Jedi. When he saw Jarael, Demagol was surprised. He knew that she was an Arkanian offshoot, but something else shocked him, and he immediately wanted to test her next, sensing that she could be Edessa. He never got the opportunity, however. As Demagol was about to take her in, Rohlan Dyre brought another Jedi, Zayne Carrick, to the scientist and demanded he be tested next.

After being brought to Demagol's lab, far from the eyes of the other Mandalorians, Rohlan attacked the scientist and released Zayne. However, after the Mandalorians had been frightened off-planet and the captured Jedi freed, Demagol regained consciousness, used various drugs to knock Rohlan out, took his armor, and left the building with an unconscious Rohlan dressed in the armor of the scientist.[2] The false Demagol was taken back to Coruscant by the Jedi for trial, but fell into a drug induced coma during the travel and could not be awakened.[7]

After his colleagues had left, the real Demagol pretended that he would leave with the Jedi, but he snuck off the ship at the last second and stowed aboard The Last Resort as it left the station, hiding inside a Camper Special.

A trusted ally[]

Demagol, masquerading as Rohlan, emerged later to save Jarael and Camper from an HK-24 series assassin droid and, after explaining why he was in the ship to Jarael, he became a part of The Last Resort's crew.

Meeting with Arkoh Adasca[]

"There are two kinds of Mandalorian Warriors, Jarael. The ones who figure out how to use their medkits — and the ones we bury."
―Demagol, impersonating Rohlan Dyre, to Jarael[8]

Demagol, wearing Rohlan Dyre's armor, looks on the wreckage of an HK-24 series assassin droid.

Though the attack had worsened Camper's fragile condition. Demagol treated what he could for the elderly mechanic but they needed more. Jarael took The Last Resort to Arkania and attempted to get help there. However, she was captured by Lord Arkoh Adasca of Adascorp, the corporation from which Camper had been running from. Adasca promised to cure Camper and so brought Demagol, Camper and The Last Resort on board his flagship, the Arkanian Legacy. As Camper was rushed into the ship's medical centers, Demagol was attacked by the ship's security, not believing a Mandalorian being in their presence. Adasca had Demagol put into a cell.

When the security forces attempted to take his armor, Demagol prevented them from coming near him by putting them in the sick bays. Adasca confronted the Mandalorian himself and informed him of Rohlan's status as "Rohlan the Questioner." However, the Zeltron saw through Adasca's tricks and knew that he was up to something more than he was putting on. Adasca tempted Demagol's pallet by allowing him to stay in the finer staterooms on his ship with full access to the biology facilities as well as visits to Jarael. Demagol accepted his offer.

Demagol's presence in the labs on the Arkanian Legacy proved upsetting to Arkanian scientist, Doctor Suprin, although all Demagol did was research multiple medical topics and ask for tutorial files. Adasca confronted him in the labs to ask him to do him a favor. He asked him to contact Mandalore the Ultimate and inform him of a meeting with Adasca concerning the biological creatures known as exogorths. Demagol was hesitant to do this since it would reveal his location to those looking for him. However, Adasca promised him safe passage off the Arkanian Legacy should he do this. Adasca knew immediately that this wouldn't be enough. Demagol told him that he would only do it if Jarael would accompany him off. Arkoh knew he wouldn't be able to give Jarael up and Demagol knew why: Adasca needed Jarael to keep Camper under his control. But when Adasca showed Demagol what exactly it was that Camper knew, the sadistic Zeltron scientist agreed to inform his contacts. Adasca promised him that when Camper no longer proved necessary, he may have Jarael.

When Mandalore arrived on board the Legacy at Omonoth, he offered "Rohlan" a new set of armor as a reward for bringing him to a chance of victory and to keep the legend of his "death" a mystery. As the process started to begin, Demagol slipped out to "change" into his new suit, only to help Zayne rescue Jarael. On the way, he saw that Suprin and Adasca's assistant, Eejee Vamm, were looking at a blood sample of Jarael. When they discovered her high level in midi-chlorians, he shot them both and ripped Eejee's computer Interface implant from his head before they had a chance to inform Adasca.

When Demagol walked into the Legacy's command center, he overhears Zayne's former master Lucien Draay, thinking that killing Jarael would be the most effective way to stop Adasca. However, Demagol, whom everyone thought to be Rohlan, brought up a blaster to the Jedi, warning that he'd be dead before he touches Jarael. Zayne and Carth Onasi then realized that neither party would want the other to have control of the exogorths. Demagol further backs up that Mandalore sees the slugs as a surprise and would be satisfied if no one controls them. He gives Zayne his new armor as a disguise for his plan. As a battle breaks out, "Rohlan" helped fire on Adasca's droids and his own comrades. Luckily for him, Mandalore had no time to deal with him as he and the rest of the Mandalorians headed back to his shuttle. After believing Adasca to be dead, Camper sacrificed himself to bring the exogorths back into wild space. Demagol promised to look after Jarael for him as long as he was alive. Within a few moments, the Moomo Williwaw boarded the collapsing Legacy. Demagol, along with the others, got on board and flew to Taris where Cassus Fett, Mandalore's second-in-command, was taking control.[9]

Helping Zayne clear his name[]

"The gambit has failed, human! We should do whatever we must to escape!"
"I'm trying to prove I didn't kill innocent people, Rohlan! Doing it now isn't going to help!"
―Zayne Carrick and Demagol[10]

Demagol, posing as Rohlan, with his former pupil Jarael

As the Williwaw arrived on Taris, no one was yet notified of "Rohlan's" betrayal at Omonoth. Demagol was piloting the shuttle and kept his companions busy while Zayne headed to the Lower City.[11] But because other Mandalorians told him to go to the northern pole in orbit, Demagol had no choice but to wait for Zayne. In the meantime, he taught Jarael how to fight, having her spar with Alek. When he noticed that Alek was intending to pursue a relationship with Jarael, Demagol only watched.

Demagol, Jarael, the Moomo Brothers, Alek, and Slyssk helped Shel Jelavan deliver Constable Noana Sowrs' children to their father on Alderaan. They then came to Jebble to save Zayne and Gryph from rakghouls. But just as they pulled off the rescue, the planet was nuked by Cassus Fett to eliminate the outbreak. Demagol remarked that it was like Cassus to amputate the limb to spare the body. After escaping, the Mandalorian pledged his help to Zayne to expose the Jedi Covenant.

When the Williwaw headed to Coruscant to present Sith artifacts to the Jedi High Council, the Republic had set up a blockade around the entire planet. Demagol tried to persuade Zayne and, after failing, Jarael to turn around, because he knew he was not welcome. Jarael snapped at him to hide in a Camper special if he wasn't going to help. It is presumed that this was where he was when Jarael was captured by Admiral Karath when the Williwaw landed in a Republic ship's hangar.

Later, after the events of Vindication, Zayne and Gryph's names were cleared, the Republic and Jedi covered the events as a Mandalorian terror attack and the Moomo were paid very well for "bringing in" Zayne and Gryph. Demagol was hiding in a room in a spaceport, not even willing to take off his armor. Jarael decided to join him in finding the reason behind the war.

Keeping an eye on Jarael[]

"Rohlan! You didn't have to kill them!"
"Yes, I did. And if you cannot protect Jarael when I need you to — You are not good to me. Pray to your Force that you never learn what that means."
―Zayne Carrick and Demagol[12]

To gain some credits, Gryph, Jarael and Demagol decided to scam off the auction being held on Metellos 3. However, Demagol refused to take off his helmet, secretly to keep the disguise, and instead wore another helmet over his. When he and Jarael were captured by Mongorrt, he convinced Jarael to use her latent Force powers to set them free.

Later, aboard Chancellor Fillorean he used his field medicine skills to save Slyssk's life and declared after killing the Sith Acolyte Toki Tollivar that if Zayne Carrick was not able to protect Jarael, then he would.

When the crew prepared to run the next con on Jervo's World above Pantolomin, he made the mistake of leaving Hot Prospect and was detained by local security forces. Marn Hierogryph convinced them to let him free by introducing him as a duelist, and so Demagol was forced to participate in swoop-bike duels. He eventually became the winner of the Tandem Open, mainly for Bardron to distract the angry spectators when they heard the unedited recording of Goethar Kleej's testimony about slavery in the Franchise, receiving a Goethar Special as a prize. When they got down to the surface, Goethar suddenly got angry at Jarael. Demagol presumed that it was discrimination and pulled out his blaster; Goethar stated that he recognized the Flames of the Crucible and ran off with his son Aubin.


Demagol, as Rohlan, starting a fight with Malak over Jarael

Because of his win, Demagol was a sports hero and allowed to walk in public. The group headed for the planet Wor Tandell to take a break from their adventures. During this time, Demagol did something that caused him to leave the group for a while. However, when he returned to the camp site, he found Alek, now calling himself Malak, had come to recruit Jarael for the Revanchists' fight against the Mandalorians. Demagol, not willing to let Jarael leave him and join the enemy, attacked Malak. In blind rage, Malak, not knowing who "Rohlan" really was, drew his lightsaber with the intention of killing him. During the duel, Malak forced Demagol down to the ground and attacked him further, justified by Cassus' genocide on Cathar. However, he was restrained by Captain Telettoh and Ferroh; the former stated that attacking a sports hero would cause a scandal. Luckily for Demagol, Zayne was able to alienate Malak by kissing Jarael. After Malak left, the wounded scientist gladly thanked Zayne for what he did.

Following the revelations of Jarael about her past, the group decided to take down the Crucible, and after a failed attempt in the Koornacht Cluster against a customer of the slaver's organization, Zayne went undercover on Volgax, hoping to learn more about the Crucible. But due to the manipulations and lies of Chantique, Demagol's daughter, who wanted to turn the ex-Padawan against her arch-rival Jarael, the young man returned broken and filled with doubts about the young Arkanian. Jarael then decided to leave the team and Demagol followed her on Wor Tandell.[3]

Wyrick drops his mask[]

"I know everything. I was present at your birth. I watched you grow and learn then — and now. My Edessa. My Triumph."
"Indeed. The face is old — But I am surely Antos Wyrick, Master of the Osadia School."
―Demagol and Jarael[3]

"Rohlan Dyre" reveals his true identity to Jarael.

On Coruscant, Rohlan, under Demagol's identity, finally awoke, and was held on trial for war crimes by the Minister of Defense. Zayne and Gryph were invited as witnesses, and the pair soon discovered the identity switch. They rescued Rohlan from Malak's anger against all Mandalorians.[3]

Meanwhile, on Wor Tandell, Demagol hired a ship and took Jarael with him to an unknown destination. It was only during this trip that the Zeltron decided to reveal his true identity, as well as their destination: Osadia.[3] Indeed, Zayne had learned during his mission on Volgax that the Osadia School's students were still alive and held by the Crucible in an "ironic place," a planet that Antos Wyrick easily identified. However, he claimed that he took up Rohlan's name in his search for her.[2]

Returning to Osadia, where he had hoped to salvage his project, Demagol prepared Jarael for the upcoming battle, by fitting her with a a bodysuit he had been preparing for her and Exar Kun's double-bladed lightsaber, which he stole from the Sanctum on Odryn.[2] During the assault, he fought and killed Bar'injar.


Oops-wrong lightsaber

Demagol and Chantique are impaled by Exar Kun's lightsaber.

As Demagol was searching the base, he was attacked by Rohlan Dyre, who had traveled to Osadia with Zayne. Demagol managed to throw Rohlan away with the Force, though he didn't know what happened. He eventually came across Zayne and Jarael dueling his daughter Chantique. He stabbed his daughter in the back with a blade and demanded to know where the other students from the school were. Chantique said they were in the yard.[1]

Demagol went outside to find no one. Chantique then said they were literally in the yard, having been buried in a bizarre Crucible ritual. She killed each one per year since becoming Magister Impressor. Demagol was outraged, but still had hope because Jarael was still alive. But Zayne revealed that Jarael had never had a strong connection to the Force. Demagol then realized, with help from a furious speech from Rohlan, that he had been Force-sensitive all along, and that he was always behind Jarael's apparent strength.[1]

After this revelation, Chantique attacked her father. Demagol used the Force to summon a lightsaber to him and impaled her through the chest, killing her. Unfortunately, the saber he had summoned was that of Exar Kun, and he was also impaled and slain upon its blades.[1]


"We had a dirtbag geneticist like you once. Yes, a mad Mando scientist. Liked experimenting with kids. He's been dust for millennia, but we still know what the name Demagol means. The irony is that it can mean either 'sculptor of flesh' or 'butcher', so I reckon you two would have had a lot of cozy chats about how to screw up living beings."
Kal Skirata to Ko Sai[13]

Later generations of Mandalorians introduced the word demagolka, derived from the Doctor's name, to the language of Mando'a. The word held the meaning of "someone who commits atrocities," a "real-life monster," or "a war criminal." This addition to the Mandalorian language came about due to the contempt later Mandalorians held for Demagol and his cruel experiments—some even on children—making him a figure of hate and dread for members of the warrior clans.[14] Around the time of the Cold War between the Republic and the Sith Empire, one of Demagol's labs was discovered by Republic forces, and the Galactic Senate ordered its destruction.[15] In 20 BBY, Mandalorian soldier Kal Skirata likened the rogue Kaminoan Clone Master Ko Sai to Demagol, due to her eugenic supremacist views.[13] Skirata's friend and Mandalorian contemporary, Mij Gilamar, later compared the Coruscanti professor Reye Nenilin to Demagol as a subtle insult, as the scientist was unaware of who Demagol was.[16]

Personality and traits[]


Demagol injects a syringe into a victim.

Fascinated by the power of a Dark Jedi while being unknowingly Force-sensitive himself, Wyrick's ultimate dream was to train a group of Mandalorian Knights via his twisted science. He established New Generation Academy, which were said to model after Arca Jeth's praxeum on Arkania by Rohlan Dyre, and assume the position of the academy's headmaster, professor and as himself proclaimed, "Protector."

He also proved to be a crafty manipulator, experienced medic and last but not least, a powerful combatant. Before and during his role as "Rohlan Dyne," Demagol outsmarted, if not overpowered, numerous veterans including the real Rohlan, Jedi Knight Alek, Goethar Kleej, and Bar'injar in personal combat. As Rohlan, he proved to be a great asset to Zayne and Jarael for being both Mando warrior and medic.

"Demagol" was a contraction of demar agol, meaning "to carve flesh." In later years, Sergeant Kal Skirata stated that the name Demagol could be translated either "sculptor of flesh" or "butcher."

Though not a warrior nor a commander in Mandalore's army, Demagol enjoyed a high status among the Mandalorians and was regarded as a rival by Cassus Fett. He was also believed to have been among Mandalore the Ultimate's advisers. However, he refused to don Neo-Crusader armor.[17]

Aside from Mando'a and Basic, Demagol could speak multiple alien languages, such as Arkanian, Bocce, Bothese, Durese, Ithorese, Miralukese, Rodese, Selkath, Shyriiwook and Snivvian.[17] Zayne Carrick referred to him as a sociopath.

Behind the scenes[]

Some perceived inconsistency in Rohlan Dyre's behavior led to speculation Demagol switched armors with him to get on board The Last Resort.[18][19][20][21][22] This belief was confirmed in the first issue of the Demon story arc.[3]



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