Bitthævrian fighting with Dematoil weapons

"This is one of those collectible items that you can only get when you pry the cold, dead fingers of the previous owner off of it."

A dematoil was a rare Bitthævrian melee weapon resembling a morningstar. Each was custom-designed using the quills of defeated enemies as spikes. Bitthævrian custom required for the winner of a fight to take the loser's biggest quill from his weapon arm, and attach it to the weapon.[1]

Dematoils were considered symbolic of Bitthævrians' status, since those who wielded particularly large dematoils would have to have defeated many enemies, and because a Bitthævrian's status depended on his or her skill as a fighter. At least some Bitthævrians were buried with their dematoils.[1]

Bitthævrians had legends about dematoils, including a ceremonial decades-long fight between friends Zuol Lavor Xariv Lar and Quaal Stavi Giniras; when Giniras died of old age while fighting, Lar cut his own quill and attached it to Giniras's dematoil before burying him with his weapon. This gesture, although unusual, made Lar a hero.[1]

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Alliance Intelligence Reports refers to the Dematoil as a "custom designed morningstar", even though the correct term is "morning star". It should also be noted that Dematoils are more similar to flails than to morning stars.



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