Demonsgate, also known as NCW-86, was a planet in the Outer Rim's Kathol Rift, near Yvara. From space the planet often appeared to be engulfed in flames due to the volcanic activity bleeding ionized particles into the atmosphere that interacted with debris attracted from the Rift. In reality, Demonsgate possessed a biosphere full of life including many indigenous, non-sapient life forms.

Though habitable, the planet was relatively arid with most of the water below the surface. The multitude of active volcanoes kept the planet fairly seismically unstable and many superheated geysers would appear on the surface as a result of the underground lava flows hitting the underground water pockets.

Demonsgate was discovered and designated NCW-86 by Imperial Survey 1982376. When the FarStar came to Demonsgate, Makezh stole the Codex from the ship and crashed on the planet's surface. The Aing-Tii Monks recovered the both Makezh and the Codex. When the FarStar left Demonsgate, "Gammer" Firdaaz stayed behind to maintain the New Republic's Lifeline Project.



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