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"I've got a bad feeling about this."
―Den Dhur[src]

Den Dhur was a Sullustan journalist and war correspondent for the Galactic Wave who gained brief acclaim for his reporting during the battles on Drongar, including a report on the exploits of the cold-blooded mercenary Phow Ji who was spun by the media despite Dhur's efforts otherwise into a hero of the Republic. He was originally from the planet Sullust. Jax Pavan referred to Den Dhur as "Shorty"; in turn, Dhur referred to Pavan as "Small Eyes."


Dhur plays Sabacc on Drongar.

During his stint on Drongar, Dhur was transformed somewhat from a pessimist into a reluctant hero, rescuing Zan Yant's quetarra and working towards getting protocol droid I-5YQ inebriated among other actions. Dhur also enjoyed a brief romance with fellow Sullustan entertainer Eyar Marath, and forged friendships with Galactic Republic Surgeons Jos Vondar, Zan Yant and Kornell Divini, as well as nurse Tolk le Trene and Padawan Barriss Offee. He planned to leave Drongar with the protocol droid I-5YQ on a mission to Coruscant, leaving the information that the bota on Drongar was losing its potency with Republic command when he departed, but was caught up in the Separatist attack on RMSU 7. Den Dhur however still opted to journey to Coruscant with I-5YQ after being transported to the orbiting MedStar.

His only other known assignment was to Jabiim where he first met Filba. The encounter was not a pleasant one, however, and he ended up being nearly killed by the Hutt, who was trying to curry favor with Alto Stratus.

Kornell Divini recalled what Den had said one time on Drongar back when he was a medic for a RMSU.

After the end of the Clone Wars, Dhur and I-Five made their way to Coruscant. There, I-5YQ spent several months looking for the Jedi Jax Pavan, son of his former partner.

Meeting Jax Pavan[]

I-Five eventually found Jax, but the Jedi Knight-in-hiding at first rejected the droid as a companion. Den stood by I-Five, however, and eventually the two joined up with Jax, along with Laranth Tarak and Nick Rostu, in the search for the droid known as Bug-Eyes.

Bug-Eyes, however, happened to be nothing more than a lure into a trap set up by none other than Darth Vader, in an attempt to capture Jax. The friends survived the encounter however, and Den decided to stay on Coruscant with the team, and they were joined by Darth Vader's ex-aide, Haninum Tyk Rhinann.


Den Dhur through a glass

Den and his friends became members of an underground resistance movement on Coruscant, called the Whiplash. One of their missions was to help a Zeltron named Dejah Duare leave Coruscant. Dejah's partner, however, a Caamasi artist named Ves Volette, was brutally murdered, and the mission turned into an investigation. During the mission, Den attempted to find parts for Jax to make a new lightsaber, his old one having been lost at the end of the battle with Darth Vader. When they finally finished the investigation, Dejah opted to stay on Coruscant and join Jax's team. After a duel between Jax and Aurra Sing, resulting in Laranth's injury, the Twi'lek Gray Paladin decided to work directly for Whiplash, and left Jax's team.


Later, Jax and Laranth found a young Force-sensitive boy named Kajin Savaros. Before long, Inquisitors were breathing down their necks. Den began to grow weary of the endless troubles, and sent his old lover, Eyar, a message. It wasn't long before she replied, and he decided then to leave, packing and heading to the spaceport without saying goodbye to anyone, not even I-Five.

Sitting at the spaceport, however, he came to the realization that home for him was not Sullust, but with Jax and his friends. Later, when Darth Vader injected himself with the bota and lost control, Den was part of the Whiplash team led by the Whiplash leader, Thi Xon Yimmon, that arrived on the scene to assist in the rescue of Laranth and Kajin, who had been betrayed by Dejah Duare and captured.

Den survived the encounter, and remained on Coruscant with Jax, I-Five, and Laranth.



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