"We have laws on how we treat sentient species. We have laws on how we treat animals and semi-sentients. We even have laws protecting plants. But we have absolutely no laws whatsoever governing the welfare of clone troops—human beings. They have no legal status, no rights, no freedoms, and no representation. Every one of you here who accepted this army without murmur should hang your head in shame. If that's the depths we as a Republic can sink to in the name of democracy, it hardly surprises me that the CIS wants to break away. The end can never justify means like this."
―Den Skeenah, speaking before the Galactic Senate[src]

Den Skeenah was Human male who served as a senator from Chandrila during the Clone Wars.


During the war, Den greatly disliked the fact that the clones had no rights, legal status, freedoms, or representation and believed all who accepted the Grand Army of the Republic without question should have felt shame. He was a man who believed the ends never justified the means and set up a charitable appeal to fund the only veterans' welfare facility for the clone soldiers in the Republic. During the war, he was a known anti-war activist and met with Besany Wennen. In 19 BBY, Skeenah was replaced by Mon Mothma after his death during the formation of the New Order under the rule of Emperor Palpatine.


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