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Dendro IV[2] was a terrestrial astronomical object in the galaxy that appeared green from space.[1] During the war between the First Order and the Resistance, the First Order attacked and bombarded Dendro IV,[2] causing a region of its surface to become devastated and burned.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Dendro IV was originally created for the Star Wars Resistance episode "The Escape,"[2] released on January 26, 2020,[3] in which it would appear in the opening sequence. In a later draft, the world attacked by the First Order was changed to Aeos Prime,[2] which harbored the Resistance in the prior episode "The New World,"[4] to more effectively show the consequences of the First Order's actions.[2]

Despite the fact that Dendro IV did not appear in the final product, it was mentioned in the "Bucket's List" article for Part 1 of "The Escape," published on on January 27, 2020,[2] and concept art of a devastated world created by Jim Moore was published on the episode guide for the episode's second part. While the caption identified the image as being of Aeos,[1] the world depicted appears different to the ocean planet,[4] and is labeled "planetballDendroDstrd."[1]



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