Deneb Both was an Ithorian forester. She made her home on Tatooine and frequented Chalmun's Cantina. Deneb was hoping to leave Tatooine and was often found at the Cantina during Ackmena's shift.

Behind the scenes[]

Decipher, Inc. used a picture from the Ithorian from the Holiday Special and replaced the original background. Since only one Ithorian is wearing these clothes, this is Deneb Both. Ammerha was the name used during production, but it was never officially confirmed.[source?]

For a long time, Deneb Both's canon name was not known. Momaw Nadon was originally going to be named Ammerha.[source?] Starwarsholidayspecial.com used the discarded name to identify this character.

In Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary, Both was mistakenly identified as Momaw Nadon.

Deneb is derived from the word for "tail" in arabic; the white supergiant star Deneb is located in the "tail" of the constellation Cygnus.



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