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"You're nothing but a joke. It's not exactly like I'm staring across the table at Boba Fett or Bossk. Just a gambling addict living off cheap bounties."
"Laugh it up, Khamdek. I've been disrespected my whole life—but being underestimated has its values."
―Lord Khamdek and Dengar[12]

Dengar, also known as Dengar the Demolisher, was a Corellian human bounty hunter operating since the early stages of the Clone Wars. Dengar participated in an operation on Quarzite—during which he served as a member of Krayt's Claw, a syndicate of hunters including Boba Fett, Bossk, and Asajj Ventress—to secure property valuable to Lord Otua Blank of the planet Quarzite. Dengar also took jobs for clients such as the Grand Hutt Council, fighting against Maul and his Shadow Collective on Nal Hutta.

Dengar remained active through the Galactic Civil War, during which he was one of several bounty hunters hired by Darth Vader to capture Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon. Though Dengar ultimately lost Vader's bounty to his rival and partner Boba Fett, he was later present with Bossk and Fett in Jabba's Palace on Tatooine during Solo's rescue by Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker.

Dengar's impressive longevity led him to continue his work as a bounty hunter even after the Empire was defeated at the Battle of Endor. Around a year later, he teamed up with other tenured hunters such as Embo when he joined Jas Emari and her crew after the Battle of Jakku.


Early life[]

Dengar was a human male from the planet Corellia.[1] However, little was known of his early life.[13] As a child, he raced swoop speeder bikes in Corellia's swoop racing scene. He had a friend named Hill Purpura, with whom he competed in swoop racing. Both would later make differing claims as to which of them won more often.[14] Dengar would later claim he had been a professional swoop bike racer.[13] Before Dengar became a bounty hunter, he served as a gladiator.[15] It was during the earliest days of that war that he began hunting bounties.[13]

The Clone Wars[]

Safe cargo objective[]

"So... what do you think is in that box?"
"Whatever it is, it better be worth all this effort."
―Dengar and Asajj Ventress contemplate the contents of the box[5]

As part of Krayt's Claw, Dengar was part of an operation alongside fellow hunters Boba Fett, Bossk, Latts Razzi, C-21 Highsinger, and Oked. The hunters were hired to escort a subtram containing cargo valuable to Otua Blank, the leader of the Belugan people of Quarzite. While preparing for the mission in Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina, Oked was murdered by the wayward dark side user Asajj Ventress, who promptly agreed to take the dead hunter's place on the mission roster.[5]


Dengar fights a Kage Warrior

Dengar and company set off in Bossk's ship, the Hound's Tooth, to Quarzite, where the Belugan Major Rigosso transported the team to the train's subterranean loading dock via a space elevator from an orbital skyhook. Dengar, along with Ventress, were assigned to guard the rear of the train. After unsuccessfully flirting with Ventress, a team of skilled Kage Warriors boarded the train in an attempt to retrieve the cargo. Dengar managed to fight off many of the attackers due to his skilled hand-to-hand combat techniques, and even managed to kill two using sticky explosives. Dengar was eventually overwhelmed by the attackers and was thrown from the train, landing safely on the subterranean surface. Dengar and his allies, who were likewise thrown from the train, returned to the skyhook to await Ventress, who had betrayed the mission objective by swapping the cargo with Boba Fett, who was bound and gagged. Before departing, she hands over the rest of the team's share of unmarked credits.[5]

Working for the Hutts[]

"Come on, let's get out of here."
―Latts Razzi, to her team after their job for the Hutts went south[6]
Crime Lord SWDConv

Dengar was on the payroll of the Hutts

Dengar was later employed by the Hutts alongside Latts, Embo, and Sugi as protection on Nal Hutta. They were present when the renegade Sith Lords Maul and Savage Opress as well as the Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla came to ally with the Hutts. When the plan went sour, the four bounty hunters attacked, though they were pushed by the Mandalorian's flamethrower. The trio soon received reinforcements and attacked. When the battle was clearly lost, Dengar and Latts saved the beaten Embo and Sugi by covering their escape with smoke bombs. The group of mercenaries fled the Death Watch and their Sith allies.[6]

War's end[]

Around the time of the end of the Clone Wars, Dengar disappeared from circulation for a brief period of time, and was believed to have been recovering from a near-fatal injury.[15]

Galactic Civil War[]

Witness at Jabba's palace[]

"These rebels should just pack it in."

Though weathered and grizzled by years of bounty hunting, Dengar was still active around the time of the assault on Cymoon 1. He was present in Jabba's court when Darth Vader, on a mission to negotiate with the Hutt, arrived at the crime lord's palace. Jabba was briefly Force choked by the Sith Lord and after this Jabba ordered Dengar out the of room so that "negotiations" could commence.[16]

The Smuggler's Moon[]

"You know what? Maybe I don't want you so alive after all. Just tell me one thing, and I'll put you out of your filthy, stinking misery. Where is Han Solo?!"
"Right here, ugly."
―Dengar, interrogating a fallen Chewbacca, is ambushed by Han Solo[17]

Following this, Dengar visited a cantina on Nar Shaddaa, the notorious moon of the planet Nal Hutta, where he was informed by a Gungan that Chewbacca was present.[7] Dengar soon located the Wookiee, before shocking him as he and C-3PO were about to storm Grakkus the Hutt's palace. He greeted Chewbacca, claiming that Jabba sent his regards, before turning to 3PO and demanding to know where Han Solo was. 3PO told the bounty hunter that Solo was not with them, prompting Dengar to order him to contact the smuggler. 3PO agreed to comply, but first attempted to save Chewbacca. Before Dengar could intervene, the protocol droid had shorted out the shock bolt, and Chewbacca rose up to his feet. The two then began to fight on the rooftops. Dengar told Chewbacca that he could throw a punch just as well as the Wookiee, before being knocked backwards by a successful hit. Dengar then grabbed a blaster, before Chewbacca crushed it, and grabbed the corellian by the neck, raising him off the ground.[17]

Solo shot Dengar

Dengar is shot in the back by Han Solo

Dengar ignited an explosive, knocking Chewbacca to the floor, before threatening to use his vibroblade against him. Dengar again knocked Chewbacca back, taunting him claiming he defied the reputation Wookiees had for being mighty warriors, before being punched up the chin. Fed up, Dengar threatened to kill the Wookiee, but first demanded the location of Solo. In that moment, Solo shot Dengar in the back revealing himself to be behind the bounty hunter, before ordering that he take his hands off of Chewbacca.[17] Solo stated that Dengar was outgunned, and once again ordered him to step away from the Wookiee. Solo friend Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan advised Dengar to listen to Solo, stating that his wife would be eager to shoot him. Though Dengar was confused, his rage took priority, and he held up a thermal detonator, stating that they would all die if he were to let go, and stated that he and Solo step aside to settle it like men. Before he could finish his sentence however, Chewbacca raised the bounty hunter off of the ground and launched him off the building with his thermal detonator, which proceeded to explode.[18] Despite this however, Dengar managed to survive the encounter.[19]

Hired by Darth Vader[]

"There will be a substantial reward for the one who finds the Millennium Falcon. You are free to use any methods necessary, but I want them alive."
―Darth Vader to Dengar and five other bounty hunters[19]

Having survived his encounter with Chewbacca, Dengar was later secretly hired by Darth Vader along with Krrsantan, Zuckuss, Beebox, IG-90, and C-21 Highsinger to find and return Dr. Aphra.[20]

He also acted as an informant for a Vader,[21] when he joined a team of bounty hunters under Beilert Valance who were hired by the Hidden Hand to assassinate Vader.[9] Dengar and the others went with Valance aboard the Broken Wing and got weapons from Fetya on Arvina However, Fetya double crossed them, but were saved when Vader's star destroyer opened fired on them. Dengar and the group survived and stole a ITT. They used it to return to the Broken Wing.[22] Dengar and the others went to Heva and asked about the Hidden Hand. However, Vader and his destroyer arrived. Dengar went with Honnah to prepare a trap for Vader. He watched as the Broken Wing took on Vader's TIE Advanced and several other TIEs. After Valance crashed his ship, Dengar and Honnah took aim at Vader[23] and waited for Valance to give the signal to eliminate him. Dengar opened fire on Vader while Honnah took Vader head on with her battle-ax. After Honnah and the others were killed by Vader, Dengar revealed he was working for Vader by stunning Valance as stormtroopers arrived.[21]

Aboard Vader's destroyer, Dengar told Vader everything he knew and learned about the Hidden Hand before he left[24] for Coruscant. He was then confronted by Valance. Dengar was punched hard by Valance, but was allowed to live despite his bretrayal of Valance and his crew.[25]

Dengar attempted to collect a bounty on Jaxxon T. Tumperakki on Rekelos by using a Concussion grenade. He later caught up with Jaxxon and his ex-girlfriend Amaiza Foxtrain on Valtos. Dengar was knocked out by Amaiza. Despite that, he was able to pick himself and decided to collect on Foxtrain's bounty puck.[26] At some point, Dengar began dating an Aruzan woman named Manaroo,[27] who became indebted to Jabba.[28] As such, she was imprisoned in Jabba's palace, leaving her to be used as leverage against Dengar.[29]


Dengar on the bridge of the Executor in 3 ABY

In 3 ABY, Dengar was one of the bounty hunters, alongside Boba Fett, Bossk, IG-88, 4-LOM, and Zuckuss, summoned to the Executor, the Imperial flagship of Darth Vader, who resorted to using hunters to track down the Millennium Falcon, the ship of Captain Han Solo, who slipped away from Vader during the evacuation of Hoth. Dengar lost out on the Solo bounty to Fett, who delivered the now carbonite-encased Solo to the Hutt crime lord Jabba on Tatooine.[19]

Reunion with Valance and the quest for Solo[]

Dengar was later captured by the reformed Ohnaka Gang, to whom he owed a debt.[30] Soon reunited with and put at the mercy of Beilert Valance during an operation involving the rebel transport Spirit of Jedha under his old friend Hill Purpura,[14] Dengar agreed to help Valance track down Han Solo, repayment for selling out Valance to Darth Vader the last time they met.[31] As they approached Nar Shaddaa, Dengar and Valance came under attack by Zuckuss and 4-LOM's ship. Dengar then held Valance at gunpoint when he refused to reveal the location of Cadeliah. He then knocked Valance out when he ran into several Exogorths. Dengar told them that the girl was not aboard the ship, but he would them information on Fett's current whereabouts.[32]

The two bounty hunters then went to the arms market on Nar Shadaa to find Fett. However, Fett was gone by the time Dengar and Valance arrived. Dengar then spoke with Devono Vix. Valance punched Vix and Dengar tried to convince him to reveal Fett's whereabouts. Vix refused and ordered both him and Valance to be killed. The two of them fought Vix's thugs and then pursued him. When Valance ran into Chewbacca, Dengar went into a tavern for a drink. He was then strangled by Chewbacca, due to their previous encounter on Nar Shadaa. He tried to shoot the Wookiee, but was tossed at C-3PO. He woke up when Chewbacca left Valance to continue his search for Solo. Due to Valance's interrogation of Vix, Dengar and Valance were able to learn that Crimson Dawn had Solo and Fett was going after them. Dengar refused to believe him about Crimson Dawn's return until Vix was killed. Dengar saved Valance from an assassin.[33]

Dengar and Valance were able to lose the assassin. Dengar took Valance to mechanic Mama Stammoch and her crew. As Valance was being fixed up, Dengar contacted Bib Fortuna about the status of Manaroo, his girlfriend. Fortuna threatened to have her fed to the Rancor if he did not collect the bounty on Fett. Dengar learned about Crimson Dawn's origins from Stammoch. After Valance recovered, Dengar showed Stammoch a hologram of the assassin, who she recognized as Deathstick. Dengar then came under attack by Deathstick who killed Stammoch and her crew. The two bounty hunters were able to make their escape in a speeder by throwing a thermal detonator at Deathstick. Unfortunately, the speeder was not fixed and Dengar was saved from the crash when Valance grabbed him and jumped to safety. However, Deathstick followed them.[29]

Dengar and Valance took a Star Commuter 2000 to Canto Bight despite it being a two day journey to get the Punishing One back. On Canto Bright, Dengar was able to get his back from Just Lucky and his boss the Sixth Kin's leader Wen Delphis. As Dengar and Valance returned to the Punishing One, they came under attack once again by Deathstick. The two fought Deathstick pushed Valance into a casino. When Valance returned, Dengar revealed that he stole Deathstick's Crimson Dawn invitation during the fight.[34] Dengar and Valance was able to catch up with Fett on Jekara. Unfortunately, Fett was able to escape them and Dengar was trapped on a iceberg drifting away. Valance chose to leave Dengar drifting away and joined Fett in claiming Solo.[35]

He watched as Valance left with Fett aboard Slave I. He then came under attack by a Zugorak. He only had a knife to defend himself with. However, he was saved from the creature by Deathstick, who offered to pay off Manaroo's debt to Jabba. Dengar also provided her with Valance's transmission to Yuralla Vega so she could find Cadeliah at her rebel cell base.[28] Dengar was later present at Jabba the Hutt's palace when Fett brought in Solo. Dengar and Fett exchanged insults before Dengar pointed out that Fett was being used by the Hutt, pointing to Solo and noting that Jabba would even turn on his best smuggler. Dengar and Fett then made a bet, with Dengar wagering twenty credits that the rebels would not come to rescue Solo.[36]

Dengar, Fett, and Bossk were in the palace when chaos broke loose after the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker arrived to free Solo.[37] When Jabba's court left to the Great Pit of Carkoon, Dengar decided not to go, a decision that saved his life because[38] the crime lord's sail barge, the Khetanna, was destroyed by Skywalker and his allies.[37]

New Republic[]

Skirmish on Corellia[]

"Things are changing now. Our profession is about to get marginalized, too. Those rebels won't put up with our special brand of sauce for too long, will they? It's why we gotta band together. Form a proper union. We'll be a force to reckon with."
―Dengar, to Mercurial Swift[39]
Dengar SaV

Dengar stands over two victims

Some time after the Battle of Endor, Dengar got into a fight with the young bounty hunter Mercurial Swift, in a holoplex rooftop on Coronet City, Corellia. Dengar offered guidance, trying to convince him to join a bounty hunter alliance, but Mercurial refused, claiming he was old and ineffective. Dengar managed to have the advantage, aiming his particle array gun at his opponent, but was easily distracted and taken down when the hunter pretended to see Boba Fett standing behind him. Mercurial let him live, claiming to have no reason to kill him without a bounty to his head. The two hunters went on their separate paths, but not before Dengar gave him one last warning, saying times would be different for their kind with the New Republic in power, with the new government potentially forcing bounties on other bounty hunters.[39] Dengar's prediction began to come true when the New Republic began denying services to bounty hunters due to the paranoia following the terrorist attacks that took place on Liberation Day.[40]

Working for Mercurial Swift[]

"You forgot one part."
"We don't really like you."
―Dengar turning against Mercurial Swift[11]

In the days leading up to the Battle of Jakku, Dengar along with his fellow bounty hunters Embo and the Rodian Jeeta accepted work as Mercurial Swift's crew. Swift wanted to collect the Black Sun crime boss Gyuti's bounty on the Zabrak Jas Emari, the niece of the hunter Sugi. In the past, Dengar had once worked with Sugi, who had always hated Dengar. Dengar in turn was unpopular among many of his fellow bounty hunters including Swift. After learning that the Hutt crime lady Niima had taken Jas captive, Dengar and his fellow bounty hunters traveled to Niima's temple of the Inner Rim world of Jakku to take Jas into custody.[11]

However, Jas escaped from her captors and wounded Swift. She then managed to convince Embo, who was a friend of her aunt Sugi, to allow her to escape in Swift's Corellian shuttle. Dengar rushed back to the ship to apprehend her but was unable to stop Jas from escaping. After Jas returned with her friend Norra Wexley and the B1-series battle droid Mister Bones to Niima's temple, Dengar and his fellow hunters cornered Niima and Jas. Niima had earlier agreed to provide Jas and Norra with Imperial uniforms, an Imperial shuttle, and clearance codes to enter the Main Imperial base on Jakku out of gratitude for ferrying her back to her temple.[11]

Niima initially refused to hand over Jas and grabbed Swift by the neck. However, Dengar pointed his blaster at Niima's throat and forced the Hutt to give up Jas. While the hunters were preoccupied, Norra and Bones escaped on the Imperial shuttle.[11]

Teaming up with Jas Emari[]

"Times, they are a-changing, my little gompers. We're gonna need to watch each others' backs, eh?"
―Dengar on striking a deal with Jas Emari[11]

Dengar worked with Jas Emari for the New Republic

After taking Jas captive, Dengar and his fellow hunters returned to Swift's shuttle. Swift wanted to depart for Nar Shaddaa to hand Jas to Gyuti but was forced to delay his departure due to the Battle of Jakku. While Jeeta landed the ship in a canyon, Jas tormented Swift. Dengar then demanded that Swift tell them his plan.[11]

When an enraged Swift struck Jas, Dengar mocked Swift, who had sustained a facial scar from Jas' horns. Despite Swift's objections, Dengar indicated that he was willing to listen to Jas' counter-offer. Dengar and Embo reacted positively to Jas' offer that the New Republic would reward them for helping to capture the Imperial Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, the alleged mastermind behind the Liberation Day attacks. When Dengar opined that working for the New Republic was not exactly "cozy-making," Jas promised to secure them full pardons if they worked with her. Jas also promised to share the money with Dengar and Embo.[11]

Swift tried to reassert his authority but Dengar countered that he and Embo did not like him. Dengar clubbed Swift in the head with his blaster. Swift managed to grab Jas by the neck and take her hostage. However, the Zabrak headbutted Swift and then punched him in the middle before throwing him out of the shuttle's door. Disliking Swift and accepting Jas' offer, Dengar complimented her. Embo also expressed agreement. Jeeta, who was piloting the ship, also agreed to to work for Jas. Jas and her new crew then flew to the Jakku Observatory where they evacuated Norra.[11]

The Battle of Jakku ultimately ended the Galactic Civil War as a New Republic victory. Following the signing of the Galactic Concordance, Jas managed to secure Dengar, Embo, and Jeeta full pardons and some money from the New Republic. While it was not a huge sum, the money was enough to stop them from killing her and to convince Dengar and his fellow hunters to continue working as Jas' crew. Dengar was particularly pleased by this turn of events and remarked that they needed to watch each others' backs because times were changing.[11]

Cybernetic surgery[]

At some point after the Galactic Civil War, Dengar underwent cybernetic surgery in an attempt to remain competitive. The surgery left him barely recognizable.[4] Some rumors claimed Dengar in fact became the hunter Rothgar Deng.[41]

During the First Order-Resistance War, Rey listed Deng along with other bounty hunters who had attempted to capture Moebin Faltus. But when repeating the names, the bounty hunter Kief Varris called Deng, "Dengar."[42]

Personality and traits[]

"You made the wrong call, Valance! I can't believe you betrayed me, you veermok spore! Not that I wasn't planning to betray you. But that's not the point."

Dengar wore plated armor and carried a DLT-18 heavy blaster rifle.

Though considered by others to be crude and slovenly, Dengar thought highly of himself, often flirting with females, such as Asajj Ventress. His confidence translated into his battle tactics, often taking the fight to the enemy head on with sheer firepower and destruction, which contrasted with the more cunning tactics of hunters like Cad Bane and Boba Fett. Dengar was known to be quite brutal in combat, going so far as to rush his enemies and beat them to death with his heavy blaster rifle.[2] Thanks to his brutality and cunning, Dengar was able to regularly work with Hutt contracts, even often working alone on these missions.[38] In addition, he was held in high regard by Fett for his excellent track record of hunting down his marks.[2] Despite working for crime lords like Jabba, Dengar did not trust them, knowing one failure could lead to his end.[36]

While Dengar worked with several bounty hunters, including Sugi and Mercurial Swift, he was widely disliked by them. Dengar in turn disliked Swift, regarding the younger bounty hunter as arrogant and opportunistic. Jas Emari managed to convince Dengar and his companions Embo and Jeeta to turn against Swift with the promise of financial rewards from the New Republic for hunting down Grand Admiral Sloane and securing full pardons. Dengar knew how to fire a blaster and was also familiar with melee combat.[11]

Skills and abilities[]

"I'm not just a pretty face, you know. I can throw a punch as well as you ca--"
―Dengar, to Chewbacca[17]

Dengar was capable in melee combat.[5] He had an impressive track record of hunting down his bounties.[2]


"Like I said. More toys."
―Dengar attacks Chewbacca with an explosive[17]

Dengar wielding his fire blade

Dengar wore plated battle armor and a turban to cover his head during his missions, a uniform that became very battered by the time he was summoned to Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer.[43] In the Clone Wars, he carried a DLT-18 laser rifle during the safe cargo objective. His preferred choice of weapon during the time of the Galactic Civil War was a DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle, which was supplemented by the use of mini-grenades in close quarters combat.[5] He also equipped himself with smoke grenades, which he used to cover his team's escape after a job for the Hutts went south,[6] as well as a fire blade.[44] Dengar owned a modified Jumpmaster 5000 called the Punishing One.[45]

Behind the scenes[]


Dengar was played by British actor Morris Bush in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.[19] In two episodes of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series, Dengar was voiced by British actor Simon Pegg, who went on to reprise the role in the video game Star Wars Battlefront.[5][6][8]

In the fourth draft of The Empire Strikes Back screenplay, Dengar was described, along with Zuckuss, as battle-scarred many human type.[46] Author Ethan Sacks of Star Wars: Bounty Hunters confessed that, if Dengar was not confirmed to survive after Return of the Jedi by The Aftermath Trilogy of novels, he would have killed the character.[47]

While no explicit connection was made, Rothgar Deng's name, background, and armor resemble that of Dengar.[48] The 2020 reference text The Star Wars Book provided further similarities, stating that Dengar became almost unrecognizable after undergoing extreme surgeries following the Galactic Civil War.[4] The 2021 reference book "Din Djarin and Other Characters of the Underworld" went even further, adding that an in-universe rumor stated that Deng was in fact Dengar.[41]

The Freemaker Adventures[]

Dengar and company Showdown

Dengar, flanked by Baash and Raam, in the Freemaker Adventures

Dengar is a secondary antagonist in the non-canon Disney XD animated television series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, which ran between June 20 and August 29, 2016 portrayed by James Patrick Stuart. In the series, he works for the Hutt crime lord Graballa, who is obsessed with finding the protagonist Rowan Freemaker. The Force-sensitive Rowan is on a quest to find the scattered Kyber crystal that make up the Kyber Saber, a powerful ancient Jedi weapon.[49] Graballa wants to obtain these kyber crystals in order to finance a beach resort and café. In the series, Dengar is aided by the Iktotchi bounty hunters Baash and Raam.[50] Graballa later teams up with the Sith acolyte Naare in exchange for sharing half of the Kyber Saber crystals.[51] However, Naare double crosses them and drives them away.[52] Graballa and his henchmen then exact their revenge by freezing Naare in carbonite.[53] Dengar also appeared as a downloadable character within the video game LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Dengar resurfaces as a secondary antagonist in the second season of the Freemaker Adventures, which aired between June 17 and August 16, 2017. In the series, Dengar is still serving Graballa and becomes one of the Freemakers' obstacles during their Mission to obtain Embersteel wings. Graballa is depicted as having a tense relationship with Dengar, regarding him as a "freeloader."[54] Under Graballa's orders, Dengar later leads a team of bounty hunters consisting of IG-88, Bossk, 4-LOM, and Zuckuss to apprehend the Freemakers at the Wheel. However, the Freemakers managed to elude the bounty hunters and also obtain the energy matrix activator needed to build the Arrowhead.[55]


Non-canon appearances[]

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