"You're all jealous of my abilities! Why shouldn't I be in control instead of the likes of you? You know I can do a better job than you! Admit it!"
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Dengless Rinn was a male Human official of the Galactic Empire, serving as the prefect of the planet Kallistas. An ambitious bureaucrat with a high opinion of his skills, Rinn coveted a higher rank. However, his superior, Governor Linrec, didn't share Rinn's estimate and thus did not offer Rinn any such promotion. Rinn hired bounty hunters to fight both the local agents of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, including Rinn's arch-nemesis Pallas Quintell, and pirates such as Jondrell Inx. He also resorted to these kinds of agents as part of a plot to topple and replace Linrec. The Empire discovered the scheme before it could succeed, and the civil servant became a fugitive. Authorities believed he was hiding in the Outer Rim Territories.


Dengless Rinn, a Human male and an official of the Galactic Empire, was the Imperial prefect of the mining planet Kallistas. He believed he was overqualified for his own job and desired a promotion. Rinn's superior, Governor Linrec, thought that this opinion was exaggerated and therefore did not offer the Prefect a promotion. Rinn saw Linrec as the individual responsible for his career stagnation and thus despised him. For years, Rinn's public nemesis was Pallas Quintell, an agent of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Eventually, a bounty was posted on Quintell's head, and novice bounty hunters Sirenas Firil and Chandrex Grenn captured the Rebel.[2]

When Linrec arranged his daughter Cressis's wedding to Moff Raiss, Rinn, who considered himself a potential fiancé for her, thought that Governor Linrec had devised the wedding only to insult Rinn personally. To this end, the Prefect decided to conspire against Linrec. Rinn contacted an organization of bounty hunters and soldiers of fortune, the Mantis Syndicate, and made an order for a company of mercenaries that included demolition specialists. Mantis arranged a meeting between Rinn and smuggler Tarquin Zian, who could provide Rinn with several loads of weaponry and gear. In exchange for these services, Rinn offered Zian some Kallistan gems that the Prefect had obtained illegally. Rinn also ordered his men to create fission bombs from radioactive minerals in the mines of Kallistas.[2]

Rinn intended to end the preparations and then declare himself dictator of Kallistas, despite the fact that such a move would prompt Linrec to send his troops to Kallistas to arrest Rinn. The Prefect intended to allow Linrec's soldiers to land, overwhelm them with his mercenaries, and threaten them with the bombs. Following his plan, the troops would then surrender, allowing Rinn to access their transport. The Mantis mercenaries would hijack the starship and fly to Linrec's palace, pretending to be Linrec's troops returning with a captured Rinn. Once they were in the palace, the mercenaries would take over the building and arrest Linrec on false charges. Rinn would then make a deal with any ambitious subordinate of Linrec to legitimize the Governor's removal.[2]

Cressis, who disliked her fiancé, decided to run away with a local pirate, Jondrell Inx. Inx feigned interest, but he really wanted to sell her as a slave to the Zygerrian Slavers Guild. As Inx operated on Kallistas, Linrec notified Rinn. The Governor ordered Rinn to find his daughter in three days, or Linrec's troops would be sent to Kallistas and take over the search. Rinn was afraid of Linrec discovering the preparations for his coup, so he decided to look for Cressis. To do so, Rinn hired three bounty hunters: Demos Traxen, Sirenas Firil, and Chandrex Grenn. Believing that the hunters might betray him, Rinn asked Zian to watch them.[2]

Several bounty hunters foiled Rinn's conspiracy, which was discovered by the Empire. The Empire then issued an arrest warrant on Rinn for treason, conspiracy, and illegal possession of weapons. Rinn quickly left Kallistas with little more than the clothes he was wearing at the moment—thereby adding flight to avoid prosecution to the charges against him. The law enforcement agencies believed that Rinn had used his smuggling contacts to hide in the Outer Rim Territories. By 10 ABY, he had not been captured, although at that point an Imperial TracSheet on him, #66690933-USAW-854400, had been already issued.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Dengless Rinn was noticeable for his long mustache and, to a lesser extent, his beard, severe eyes, and fierce expression. He also appeared to be older than he was. His Imperial TracSheet specified that Rinn was arrogant and had a sense of self-importance. He was not beyond threatening or imprisoning people at whim to make them obey his desires.[1] Rinn was an experienced manager, financier, negotiator, and political leader. He was also a polyglot and had developed other abilities, including computer use, crime prevention, and astrogation.[1][2]

When he was a prefect, Rinn commonly carried a customized blaster pistol that caused greater damage than expected, even though he had no experience with shooting. He also had a datapad and a comlink to communicate with the local security center in his possession.[2] After leaving Kallistas, he lost the datapad and the custom gun. As a fugitive, he carried only the comlink, an off-the-shelf blaster pistol, and some cash.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Dengless Rinn first appeared in the roleplaying adventure Two for the Price of One by Rick D. Stuart, published in Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters, a 1994 supplement to West End Games's Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. The book included an image of Rinn drawn by Terry Pavlet, which was used again in Galaxy Guide 11: Criminal Organizations, published later in 1994. This second book provided a new set of updated role-playing stats for Rinn, representing his advanced experience and new knowledge obtained after leaving Kallistas.

Galaxy Guide 11: Criminal Organizations describes Rinn as "Tall and lanky." In the same box, Rinn's height is listed as 1.40 meters, which is normally not considered tall for a Human male.



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