Denid was a Human male who was the son of King Lorac and Queen Denira of the planet Velmor. A tall, striking man with wavy hair and a dark beard, he was betrothed to his royal consort, the Lady Loren.


Seventeen years before the Battle of Yavin, a group of citizens loyal to the Galactic Empire raided Lorac's palace and murdered the king and queen. Denid's younger brother, Prince Anod, was spared persecution because he was an Imperial sympathizer. Denid's close friend and trusted advisor, the Velmoc known as Jedidiah, aided him and Loren in escaping from the treacherous raid. He boarded them upon a starship and fled from Velmor.

Jedidiah's ship crash-landed on the jungle world of Tantajoc V. Lady Loren was killed in the crash, and Jedidiah suffered massive brain damage. Prince Denid buried his consort and erected a commemorative cairn in her honor. He and Jedidiah forged their own life together for the next twenty years.

Three years after the Battle of Yavin, Prince Denid successfully built a distress beacon and broadcast a signal across the galaxy. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa intercepted the beacon and rescued the two from Tantajoc V. After hearing Denid's tragic story, the two Rebels agreed to fly him back to Velmor and help him gain his proper place as heir apparent to the throne.

They arrived on Velmor during the coronation of his traitorous brother, Prince Anod. Denid declared that he alone was the rightful ruler, and Anod's coronation was postponed pending confirmation of Denid's identity. To bolster the scheme, Princess Leia disguised herself as Lady Loren and passed herself off as Denid's consort. This disguise worked only too well, as within days Denid found himself falling in love with Leia. He even asked her to marry him and rule Velmor at his side. Leia was extremely flattered, but kindly rejected his offer, citing that her first devotion was to the Rebel Alliance.

Meanwhile, the royal regent, Zelor, ruled the capitol city of Den Velmor until a proper king could be found. Zelor had been working to secure Anod's place in the palace along with an Imperial attaché named Captain Zeta Traal. Knowing that Denid was an Alliance loyalist, none of them wished to see him ascend the throne. They attempted to assassinate Prince Denid during a ceremonial Mrid Hunt. Luke, Leia and Jedidiah foiled the royal conspirators, and Prince Denid took his place as the new king of Velmor.



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