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"All my hideaways are being monitored. As I am. But awhile back I hired a look-alike, and my surveillance follows him home. Meaning I can sometimes walk around freely."
―Denjax Teppler[src]

In 40 ABY, a male individual served as a look-alike[1] body double of Denjax Teppler, the Minister of Justice of the planet Corellia.[2] Teppler was a dark-haired Human male whose features were considered by others to be bland, yet handsome[3] and confidence-inspiring.[4] Teppler hired the double in order to protect himself[2] when other Corellian politicians began to monitor his activities in the midst of the Corellian system's Five Worlds government's war with the Galactic Alliance. The surveillance that had been attached to Teppler sometimes mistakenly followed the look-alike to Teppler's home in Coronet City, which allowed the Minister to move about freely.[1]

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Denjax Teppler's body double was mentioned in conversation by Teppler in Aaron Allston's 2007 novel Legacy of the Force: Exile.[1] He was later referenced in Teppler's entry in the 2008 compendium The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[2]



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