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"There's Dennogra, home of Sprool the Trader. Plot a course for Zio Snaffkin Spaceport, Chewie."
Han Solo[src]

Dennogra, formerly known as Tialvai, was an arid world in the Outer Rim Territories. One of its cities, Zio Snaffkin, was the home of Sprool the Trader.

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Tialvai was a member of Xim's empire, before its collapse in 25,100 BBY. It was a member world of Hutt Space during the Great Sith War and Jedi Civil War.

During the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire, the Hutts hired Jawas to dig for artifacts on Dennogra. The jawas however were secretly interested in selling their findings.[2]

The Hutts had relinquished their claim to the planet by 52 BBY. At some point, Yoda killed a dark sider on the world.[3] During the Clone Wars, Dennogra was located within Separatist space.[1] In 0 ABY, Han Solo took two crates of treasure to Zio Snaffkin, where they were sold to Sprool the Trader.

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