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"It was with sadness and horror that I watched Dentaal enter its final hours. Like many, I cheered its brave defiance of imperial rule, and yet knew with a sick dread what the outcome of such public resistance must inevitably be. Whatever the Imperial propaganda machines on the NewsNets might claim, I have no doubts that the plague which ravaged Dentaal was of Imperial origin."
Leia Organa[src]

Dentaal was a planet in the Core Worlds. Its population was deceimated by an outbreak of the Candorian plague during the Galactic Civil War.


"The horror continues to unfold on Dentaal as the Candorian plague continues to take its toll on the helpless populace trapped the system. Sometime in the first night, death came for the millions of beings who live in Calif City, as they became the first victims of a plague that has not been seen for dozens of years. In the past two days, over 10 billion people have died, as the deadly airborne virus sweeps over the entire Kindellan continent."
Galaxy News Service[src]

Its main city was Calif City. It was ruled by the House of Dentaal until Imperial Governor Taliff disbanded it; after they formed the Dentaal Independence Party and overthrew him,[4] Crix Madine's Storm commandos wiped out much of the rebellious population by introducing the Candorian plague,[6] which broke out in Calif City and spread over the entire Kindelian continent,[4] killing over 10 billion people and eventually wiping out every single inhabitant of the planet.[6] The Empire later blamed the plague, which killed nearly every living being on the planet, on the Rebel Alliance.[7]

During a series of military maneuvers on the planet, Madine simply disappeared from the Imperial armed forces.[3] By that time, the Alliance discovered that the Empire also unleashed another plague on Sedesia.[8]

Bewil was a native to Dentaal.[5]

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Earlier sources placed Dentaal in the Mid Rim,[4][6] but the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas established it as part of the Core Worlds.[2][1]



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