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Jedi Master Depa Billaba led a new battalion during the last few months of the Clone Wars after her previous battalion suffered 90% casualties during a battle on Haruun Kal.

With the exception of three survivors of Billaba's previous battalion who elected to return, the clone trooper members of the battalion were very young and inexperienced.

The battalion was deployed to the worlds Kardoa, Mygeeto, and Kaller.

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Following Master Depa Billaba's recovery from her Coma, Billaba, along with her new Padawan, Caleb Dume, took command of her new clone trooper battalion.[1] Several of her officers from her last battalion, Commander "Grey", Captain Styles,[1] Sergeant Soot and Corporal Big-Mouth joined her new battalion.[4]

The battalion was sent to recon Kardoa for confirmation of a Separatist presence. As the battalion move through several canyons, Billaba divided it into five squads to do their reconnaissance. The battalion came under attack by battle droids under Colonel Coburn Sear. The battalion was able to force Sear's forces to retreat from Kardoa. A young trooper, CT-1157, was given commendation for valor and the nickname "Stance".[4]

The battalion was sent to Mygeeto. There, the battalion cleared the souther mesas of battle droids. Billaba, Dume, and several of there officers and troopers were surrounded and pinned by the battle droids. They were saved by the Fang fighters of Commander Fenn Rau's Skull Squadron and were able to evacuate the area. While most of the battalion was away from the base campe, Billaba, Dume and Stance came under attack by the Separtist commander, General Grievous and Colonel Sear. Grey, Styles and the rest battalion returned. Despite Billaba's wound by Grievous, the battalion was able to force Grievous to retreat from Mygeeto.[5]

The battalion was then sent to Kaller. There, it fought against the battle droids under General Kleeve.[5] The battalion was able to force Kleeve and his forces to abandon Kaller. The battalion billeted outside Governor Gamut Key's village. The battalion was given Order 66 by the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.[2] The battalion, inclauing it's unit Rostu Squad, opened fired on Billaba and Dume. The battalion killed Billaba,[3] but Dume was able to escape.[3]



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