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"Fifteen soldiers and twelve civilian support staff are reported dead after today's second bomb blast, this time at a GAR logistics base. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but a security forces spokesman said today that the proximity to tomorrow's first anniversary of the Battle of Geonosis was significant. It brings the total number of deaths in apparent Separatist terror attacks this year to three thousand and forty. The Senate has pledged to smash their networks..."
―HNE News[src]

Around 21 BBY a terrorist attack occurred on the Depot Bravo Five belonging to the Grand Army of the Republic. Fifteen clone troopers were killed during the explosion. The Coruscant Security Force's Anti-Terrorism Unit under the command of Captain Jaller Obrim responded to the scene along with the Forensics Unit. The attack led to a mission by the GAR Special Operations Brigade and the CSF to bring down the terrorist network.


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